BAD Kiln! Naughty Bad Kiln! ARRGH  

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3/24/2005 7:11 pm

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BAD Kiln! Naughty Bad Kiln! ARRGH

Early this morning I go to check on my kiln. The kiln that I got up at 6am to fire and stayed till 10pm to finish. The kiln was still firing...and it was not bright orange inside.

Hmmm, I should have been done by now. It's been over 8 hours. Well, I'll go to class. Off to class I went.

After class, I checked again..still on, still not even orange. I realized then that something was very wrong. Got the friendly lab tech to take a look at it and he prounounced that the top element of the kiln was broken. This apparently happens all the time. All are aware that it was not my fault at all. I have a kiln log showing all the steps I did in firing. I even brought the heat up slow, to insure no problems.

This means that all the time I spent to fire the entire load was pretty much wasted. All 16 hours of it. As I left school today, the lab tech was dismanteling the kiln, our stuff still in it, and repairing wires. He said he's going to refire it and the test pieces will be fine...but who knows? That was over a weeks worth of work in there.

So, none of our tests or papers were ready for today's critique. The teacher gave us a lecture about lateness, I was surly as hell, and I had no food at school.

Now I'm home, filled with chicken soup and bread. I went grocery shopping while hungry - always a dangerouus thing to do. I even splurged and bought myself a small carton of blueberries.

This weekend is crunch time. A huge test to study for, I need to sculpt an assortment of sea stars and squid, and my Mother is visiting next week - which equals a FULL CLEANING of my apartment. I love mom, but this is an awful time for her to come visit. My bedroom is burried in laundry and my house is just overall messy. My mom is the "perfect household" type, so I would feel weird having her over without a spotless house. Funny how moms can do that to you.

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