Was Alisha born in 1973?  

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7/25/2005 9:21 pm

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Was Alisha born in 1973?

No. I was born in 1978, as my profile says. Then why my handle name is "Alisha1973"?

Because it was just a mistake.

First, I wanted my handle name as "Alisha", but "Alisha" was already exist, so I decided to make my hadle name as "Alisha1978", then, I mistyped.

It wasn't a long story, was it?
I was just careless. That's all.
I don't mean to lie about my age.

So, now I'm thinking so seriously if there is any relationship between Alisha(me) and the year of 1973. Yes, I'm thinking.


I become 32 years old this year, if I have been really born in 1973. It's not bad. I want to be 30 soon. I'm going to 27 this year, but my age, I feel it's something unsatisfactory. There is a phrase "Don't Trust Over 30". It's not true! Who said that? I trust over 30, and I'd love to be trusted person when I turn to 30.

Do I look 31 or 32?
I think........yeah, I might look 31 or 32.
I don't care of my age!

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