Alisha's too fat and ugly to be on this site  

rm_Alisha1973 51F
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11/20/2005 5:54 am

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4/3/2006 4:05 am

Alisha's too fat and ugly to be on this site

i just got a message which said "your too fat and ugly to be on this site, are you a prostitute?".

i know i'm too fat, my profile is telling so.
i already knew that if he does not tell me so.

i just don't understand why some ppl send me a message like this. maybe he was mad at me when he saw me broadcasting or photos. i think there are so many girls he does not like. i wonder if he's sending messages to all the girls who he does not like.

i don't really care, cos i know about myself very well. if he does not like me, he better not read my blog or anything. but he read my blog, too.

does he want me to leave here?
he should tell me what he wants me to do.
hahaha, actually, i will not obey what he will say, anyway.

PS: i found that he sent me an invitation yesterday, and i declined. he said "hello, Alisha..I just think you are soo sexy, and interesting" in his invitation. i'm not picky. i've got tons of invitations and messages everyday, so i just can't manage them. that's why i usually decline most of the invitations. sorry.

rm_ohaio 53M

11/21/2005 10:03 pm

you are not fat, and you are beautiful !
One of the sexiest girls here ....

shyguyseekingfun 40M

11/22/2005 9:20 am

Alisha, please don't ever listen to anyone who makes a nasty comment about you !! You write a great blog and put on a really good webcam show too !!

honigbaer_cl 48M
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11/22/2005 5:51 pm

There is enough man here who do not like the average slim Japanes girl. This guy was only frustrated because he didn't manage to get a contact with any of the "beautiful" (from his point of view) girls. Ignore those guys. Stick with men who genuinely love woman who have a bit more of a female form.

rm_lideansun 38M
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11/22/2005 6:02 pm

you are no fat .you make love well

HusksQuaysCanal 38M

11/23/2005 10:09 am

People are fucked up.
He probably has really low self asteem, and is trying to make himself feel better by tearing you down. Maybee he is just looking for attention, too. What better way to get his message to stand out than to have it be really mean.

SlopsLardyZonae 33M/33F

11/27/2005 1:30 pm

Ignore him, people like that got nothing better to do, he was probly pissed that you didnt accept his invite. So forget it.
Stay cute


rm_jay1981md 36M
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12/23/2005 12:41 am

your hot wish i could be with you

cuddleboy69 50M

1/6/2006 7:57 pm

to be honest, I think that you already know the answer to your own question.

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