The Fuel Questions...The Mad Rantings of a Store Manager  

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8/22/2006 7:47 pm

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The Fuel Questions...The Mad Rantings of a Store Manager here it is. I was looking at all the blogs that I see online and's like adult fanfiction but there's no's like everyone's attempts at..stories...poetries...I found no rants, no raves...So here goes! Perhaps through the questions that I pose here with all my little iotas of useless knowledge and colorful quirks...we can answer the age old question...WHY?! Might even get a whatfor in there. Be warned...this isn't entirely about sex and may have nothing to do with that subject from time to time. Like now.

Let us begin...

Like most anyone who is in the public eye (if you read my profile, you will see what eye I mean) You get to meet alot of people in any given day. I have been a manager of this gas station in town for about a year now. Sept 1 will make it one year. Through this time, I have had the store remodeled, I have changed around the inside set of the store...hell we even put new gas pumps in. And with the customers that come in...we have shared the joys of learning together...

Recently, with all the gas prices and hikes, I have begun initiating what everyone so lovingly knows as...THE PREPAY SYSTEM. This system is in place in nearly every gas station in the large cities. why? What do you think? But this is a small town, right? ok...

It simply amazes me how many people are resisting this system. What does it matter if you pay now or pay in five minutes when you get done putting in $8 worth of gas? I recently talked to another manager whom I have known for years and years...and her station will be going to prepay as well. SURPRISE!!! It's a contagion. It's like a Virus.

One customer once commented to me that the company doesn't lose that much money to have a prepay system in effect. Listen...I lose $140 in 20 minutes, you're damn straight I'm gonna make EVERYTHING prepay. The public doesn't see the loss, I do. I see it every day.

While we were down for the remodel (we had the old fashion dial pumps before...circa 1965) people had to go elsewhere for fuel, right? right. And most everyone else has...omgosh...MODERN PUMPS!!! We reopen for fuel sales and I have people coming to me saying...I don't know how to work that pump, so I'm going to get my gas somewhere else. This leaves me banging my head against the wall repeatedly. How hard is it to press a button that says 'PAY INSIDE'? Then wait for the little screen to say "Select Fuel Grade"? Since we have to approve the pump INSIDE...repeatedly pushing the buttons WON'T MAKE IT TURN ON ANY FASTER!! For that matter, mindlessly pushing buttons while the screen reads "AUTHORIZING" when you swipe your credit card just confuses the machine and woops! You locked it up.


ok...calm down...Breathe in...think happy thoughts...

Today...I got yelled at for the price of gas in the western side of the state. It's all my fault, they said. I should be like the east side of the state and be less than $3/gal. doesn't work that way. First thing in the morning, I don't want to get yelled at. It makes me cranky. Cranky me means I bite your head off and hand it back to you. I have a sweatshirt that says that. Prices depend on what my company pays for the gas, how much the carrier CHARGES to deliver said's a very complicated process. Right now...I'm being charged (between refinery price and carrier rate) over $3!! I make an average of four...yes FOUR CENTS over cost. omgosh...last month...I cleared a whopping $600 profit in fuel sales. And I run through about 150,000 gallons in a month. Yes...I get a monthly P&L statement.

Why? Why must everyone come to me and blame me and my corporation for these prices? I didn't do it. We try to cut here and there to get the best price to the customer. And yet it isn't enough. Any way I go, I get fucked. I can't make my corporate bosses happy, I can't make the damn customer happy. I don't get a discount on my gas bc I'm the manager. My employees don't get a discount. We pay the same price for everything that you do. least with my company we do. I dont know what anyone else gets. And I'm on I get screwed no matter what. Hell, I don't even get days off most times.

I can count on two hands how many days off I've had since the first of the year. And I mean a day where I don't get a call from the store, I don't have to go in and fix what's broken. These were holidays...days that the store didn't open so there was nothing broken to fix.

The state excise tax went up...I have to raise the price on my cigarettes five cents. I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring...

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8/23/2006 4:33 am

Accurate title and a good insight into the workings of your local gas store and it's personnel

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8/23/2006 12:17 pm

Mean, Evil Gasoline Woman said:
Today...I got yelled at for the price of gas in the western side of the state. It's all my fault, they said.

I kinda know how you feel. People e-mail me and bitch about their electric bills all the time! No, I don't work for an electric company but I do like to e-mail back something like, "YES! Thank god I get mine for free! During the summer I move all the electric heaters outside and turn them up to full heat. That way it feels so much cooler when I go into my house where the air conditioning thermostat is set at 58*. Now be good and pay that bill on time, or we will do nasty things to your credit rating!"

It helps pass time at work when you can fuck with customer's heads. Fun responses at the gas station:

(1) "Given current events, how did you expect the supply/demand economic model to work?"

This will shut-up most people who can't form an intelligent thought about issues to save their lives.

(2) "Yes, but have you considered the benefits of switching to a higher grade of fuel? Higher octane burns more completely in the four-cycle engine. That reduces emissions pollution and lets your engine run a few degrees cooler! That's good for the longevity of your car. You do want your car to last a little longer, don't you?"

If you can get some folks to upgrade to $0.20 more a gallon, you've got more job security!

(3) "(General acknowledgement about complaint. Follow it up with...) Hey! I sure do like your (boots/shoes/t-shirt/"FUK OSAMA" ballcap). Why, I oughta get me/my lover/Daddy one a them, too!"

A non-sequitur like that is a most effective way to get them thinking about you as a human being again.

(4) "Hey, did you know they've started getting monkeys on dating sites? Have a look at Adult Orangutan Finder."

This technique is the best!

Welcome to Blogland and good luck with those customers, Mean Evil Gasoline Woman!

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