Remember when I said...  

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8/23/2006 9:36 pm
Remember when I said...

That the excise tax went up and I had to change the prices on my smokes and was wondering what the day would bring?


Let me start by laying the groundwork for my 'career' at this station. I had been working four jobs (what else is an insomniac to do) when I walked into the store that I now run, where I used to work...where I was fired from. it was my birthday! yay me! I was on my way to work...I had no car, so mom was driving me. I asked her to stop by so I can get a pack of smokes for the next few days. I get what I wanted and suddenly, the manager follows me out. Said manager was the assistant when I was working there. She asked me if I wanted my job back. I said sure, if she could arrange it. And so...the next day, I went back to work evenings at the store. I dropped one of my jobs and then there were three.

About a month after I began working there, the manager was telling me about the problems she was having with her assistant. I said she needed a new assistant. I didn't think she would promote me to the position. I had my plate full enough. She said the next day that if I quit another of my jobs, she would make me full time and train me. With how she described the other assistant, I was cornered. Trapped like the fabled lion in the corner. But i gave in bc I'm nice and I said ok. I quit my job at the sweat was an industrial laundry facility. so yeah...sweat was what you did there. And went to work full time to be trained to be the assistant manager.

Three weeks into my training, I was already opening the store, doing the paperwork, etc etc. I walked in one morning and low and behold, our area supervisor from Colorado was sitting at the desk, a mountain of paperwork around her. She said she had to talk to me. ok...this didn't look good. She asked me about my manager's finances and such and said the corporate office was missing money. The deposits were not matching what was keyed into the computer. uh oh...

Now, I would go with my manager to the bank, she had all the keys to the store on her keyring. i don't think even she knew what most ofthem were for. The manager counted the deposit most times, I would do the required work as far as paperwork, sticking the tanks, etc etc...

Usually by the time I went outside, I would have gotten the money from the safe, put it on the desk for her and then head outside. When I got back, she would have the deposit counted and ready to go. That was fast considering it takes me seven minutes to measure the tanks. All three of them.

anyway! I asked my supervisor how much money was missing. It was over $90,000. I about fell out of my seat. Now I would see my manager with hundreds, fifties, twenties. From the way she talked, she made it sound like it was her paycheck. ok.... point here is that bc of what she did and what the manager before her did (stole merchandise), my store is under a constant microscope. Any shortage of more than $10 is questioned.

Where was I going with this?

Oh yeah. Every week, I have to audit and inventory cigarettes, general mechandise and cigars. A time consuming process. Every one of my employees is a potential theif.

ANYWAY! What the day brought...

Customers were just a wee bit upset about the 5c raise in cigarette prices. I pitched in $5 to cover what other people didn't have bc they were used to one price.

Lately Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds have been fighting for space in my new set. Set being the new presentation of the cigarettes in my store.

With this increase, came the reps. PM, RJR, Commonwealth, Lorrillard...they came in and EVERYONE wants space on my set.

My clerk is late. Where's my clerk? Why isn't he here?

My clerk shows 10 minutes late for his shift. No big deal, I tell him...just don't make it a habit and don't do it again. 'nuff said. I set to work, counting, pulling reports, auditing, counting, getting my line item, counting, more reports. My clerk comes to me...I'm having a food allergy.

WHAT?!?!! You haven't eaten anything since you got here!

Oh I did last night and i'm still itching from it.

Ummm...did you take something?


Is it working?


Then leave me alone please. he leaves


Boss Lady?


Can I bum a smoke? no

Please? no

But I need one. No


Five minutes later.

Boss lady?

Oh for crying out ...WHAT NOW?

Can I bum a smoke?

I go to the pack rack, grab what I know he smokes, scan it, pay for it and toss him the pack.

Now leave me alone.

Number crunching, counting...look at the clock. Oh crap! I have to do my survey, bank run and change order by 11 so I can do my projections so I can see how much gas I need to order.

I leave. I do my reports...I come back.

Boss...this check came up a code 4...what do I do? >.< I handle this, the customer gives me a credit card. Everyone's happy. I do my projections and fax in my survey, my deposit report and call in my order for deseil and unleaded. I'm way ahead of the game.

I get a text. You finish the order yet? CRAP!

I start stocking everything that looks empty or will be empty. My clerk is standing at the register, no cars, he's leafing through my pipe/meerschaum catalog.

What are you doing?


Is that what I pay you for?


Why don't you do something for me?

Like what?

See this display of all the different chew?


Hand him my clipboard with all the price updates.

Change those prices, count the different cans going up in price and write that down. Don't forget to count the backstock, put the numbers here and here. Then I can just do the adjustment. Think you can handle that?



I ended up doing this too

Look at the clock. It's 1 pm

Customer comes to my office door.

Why don't you do something?

Excuse me?

Why don't you get to work? Every time I see you, you're just sitting at that desk.

Mister! If you could see what I do before I even open that door, you would not be saying that.

Push said customer back through the door and close it. Fuckers...

With all the mass chaos...I realize I forgot to do one report, forgot to post it to the corporate website...forgot that there could be a discrepancy! I panic! Calm's ok...Just call your accountant.

i call.

you dork!

yeah I know...Give me ten minutes and you'll have it. Change the program for me so I'm only this much over on money? ok.

Done...I decide I need to shop.


What? i didn't do it!

Come around behind the counter from my office and look to see him trying to peice back together something that resembles my price gun.


I dropped it

From where?!?! The Empire State building?

Take it from him, ten minutes later, it's as good as new.


Why don't you pull some cakes to thaw?

What don't you?


YOU are the EMPLOYEE! I PAY YOU to DO what I ask.


I'm going to go buy a new phone. I'll be back in a bit after shift change.


I come store is still in one peice.

Now Sam is what you call the major fuck up of the century. I think it's in his genes. There is no way someone is that dumb and still lives.

So I shop...I find a cute new phone! I gotta have it.

I buy it.

I leave.

Today is my nephew's birthday. He's five. It's his first day of school. I won't get into that...

So I come back, my assistant is working the second shift. This is her son I mentioned before. assistant is my sister.

Need to check something that is in my other phone. Jordan? yeah? Can you go out to my car and get the phone bag?

Sure. I start charging my phone and going after the old phone to pull something I had recorded it. umm...

Where's my phone?

It's not in the bag?


Dump everything phone.

I go racing back to the phone store to get my phone. By this time, I'm praying they don't erase the pictures I have in there of my other neice after the car accident. They didn't...thank god!

I get back to the store.

I decide to start tackling the order after giving loves to my neice, she's 14 and hugs and conversation to my mumsy.

Hand my assistant the order book, ask her to order what I tell her...yeah..this happened well.

Patrick shows up...great. Nothing like a guy that acts like he's on speed. He gets on my last nerve too. I'm trying to do the order, he keeps coming to me, asking where this, that and the other is.

Don't talk to me...

I didn't leave work until 6:30 pm...I'd been at work since 4 am...I'm tired...I'm going to bed bc I know that with the reset the RJR rep left for us to do...tomorrow's going to be fun. Friday I get to do the reset on my humidors. >.<

I'll let you know how that goes...

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