FYI: Who are you?  

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2/26/2006 11:15 am

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FYI: Who are you?

Real short Bio:

Grew up in NC/SC.

After High School I wandered around for a bit till get'n into school for Business Computer Programming in the 80's. Was a Stain Glass artist and Landscape worker/manager to pay for school and life. *wink*

After gett'n all but one course done till graduation, I landed my first programming gig with a small consulting company in Cary. Did my year and a half with them then moved into a better pay'n corporate job. Three years later I decided to give independant consulting a run that ended up lasting six+ years.

A friend I had worked with in the mid 90's was start'n up a software company in AZ and he wanted me to come out to help start it up and we would make millions. *giggle*

Well now six years later, I'm back in NC after selling my interest in that company back to the corporation.

End-Short Bio

More to come...

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