Wildfire & Heroes  

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9/29/2005 8:43 pm

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Wildfire & Heroes

Amazing how a little thing like a nearby 17,000-acre wildfire can disrupt the goings-on of a usually hectic and stressful office environment.

Half the conversations all day long were about where the fire was, where it was going, how ash-saturated the air outside was, how much the ash and smoke was straining the air conditioning filters, how close diferent people lived to the fire, the ash flakes settling on the cars in the parking lot, that someone had to leave early because the fire had moved closer to his home,...

And somehow, none of it really seems to mean much, because there are thousands of people less than a dozen miles away who are evacuating their homes, uncertain whether they'd eventually return to their homes under a light layer of ash-dust, or to a smoldering charcoal ruin.

And the army of firefighters, some 3000 strong at last look and assembled from locations country-wide, doing everything within human power to contain that blaze. Today, during a lull in the winds, they managed to secure a previously wild section of the fire's perimeter that could have swarmed over the 2000-home area it had previously been approaching. They're still out there, individually miniscule compared to that conflagration, but, assembled and teamed together, determined to take it down.

Bringing meaning to the word, "Hero."

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