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rm_AimSTaPlz 31M
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6/1/2006 2:06 am
No Games

Hey everyone normally in these blogs i would talk about how i went out and partied, drank smoked or hit the beach. Today is Little bit different it's been a year now I wanted to remember a close friend who took his life. Ya I'm sure most people would be like why the hell are you talking about this on the internet? The reason is I learned a very important lesson from my friend. Listen to when I say this whenever your going through a problem, having to endure a death, a car jacking. Or whatever just something screwed up. Remember your the only person who has a problem with it, I saw a strong confident man, someone who had a future at any college he wanted to, could get any girl he wanted. Sadly though he isn't here anymore but the ironic part is him going away had to do with a chick. Listen fellas or ladies if your partner does something screwed up with no answer or reason just let it go. People sometimes just do un-explained shit, so don't get to upset, it's okay to be angry and feel cheated. Just remember like I said your the only person who has a problem with it.

R i p dog

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