What exactly do I want?  

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8/24/2005 2:33 pm

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What exactly do I want?

I do want financial security - everything is about money, whether you have it or not. I don't have much of it and alot of times I don't have enough. money is everything, although I feel Love does pay the bills but it's still paid for with money.

I do want a beautiful woman - her beauty amazes me everytime I look to her, keeping me in wonder, how I came to know and have such beauty in my presence.
She could be any woman.
Every woman has something special about her.
I want her to have curves and soft skin. I want her to smell naturally intoxicating.
I want her eyes to peer into my soul, searching for a discovery of wealth, honor, and loyalty. Her eyes could be a dark golden brown, or green like emeralds, or blue like the endless sky or the vast sparkling ocean.
This woman would have hair that was healthy.
It could be chocolate, golden, or of fiery color. It could be short or long but must be full of life.
I want a beautiful woman who's intellect is equal or greater than mine.
Two minds are better than one.
Of her mind I want humor and understanding to be the best of her assets.
Of everything that I could want from a beautiful woman, I would choose her ability to love me unconditionally as her greatest asset to offer me.

I would choose a lifetime of commitment and loyalty to this woman.
Never faultering, never waivering, never bending, unfailing and sound.

I want freedom - to do as I choose.
I want the freedom of choice,to change, or choose to not change.
I want the freedome to walk out my door, to anywhere, or away from anything.

I want to laugh and smile and be happy.
I want to live life with whomever I choose.

I want my children to love me for who I am and what I've done, not how much money I make.
I want my children to grow up strong and healthy and intelligent.
I want my children to be successful, more successfull than I 100 times over.
I want my children to know love.

I want to be free of all vices and ugly addictions that I choose to be free of.
Some addictions are good.
I want to be addicted to my lover
I want to be addicted to an adrenaline rush.
I want to be addicted to laughing.

I want to prosper from dedication and perserverence.
I want to live a long full life

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