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9/2/2006 6:02 pm

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what's on my mind.....

I was going to add a post tonight, which was more than alittle scathing regarding some of the things I've encountered on this site lately. The I thought, "what the fuck, who cares?" I surely don't. My life goes on, and life is good, ya know?
In fairness, in the eight years I've been on and off of this site,(in various incarnations), I have met some truly wonderful and fun people. Alot of them wanted to marry me, which I'm not quite ready to do again. I still frolic with a few, as time permits.
But as I perused the ads I've seen of late, it occurs to me that the one who possesses what it would take to make me stop looking probably doesn't exist here....at least anywhere remotely close to where I am.
And then there's this apparent stigma of age thing. I really have to laugh at that one. It makes me want to stick around...just to see how all these people are going to handle being on the "receiving end"

All I can say, and there are several people who would attest to this, is that ya don't know what you're missin'

End of rant....for now

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