So why do they do it?  

rm_ALittleBad3 57M
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5/30/2006 11:01 am
So why do they do it?

I just have to comment about a few things I observe on AdultFriendFinder from time to time,and I also wanted to try to give a thanks to those hot couples that get up on those cams for everyone on a regular basis too.. more below...

First, why is it there are so damned many single guys that say they are couples on here? I'm pretty sure the answer is because this place is over whelmed with a bunch of horny single males and a single male has such a hard time getting any attention at all because most everyone except for the single males are looking for either couples or lesbians, so these jerks think they can just put up a profile as a couple and get to the front of the line because more people will respond to them. I’m sure maybe that helps them for a short period of time until people catch on and see that this jerk is always by himself and the other half somehow seems to never talk, get on cam or anything to show she exist… da… it’s because she doesn’t, yet you’ll still se these guys on cam sitting there by them selves time after time, still under the couple profile… come on guys, isn’t it at least better for you to face the fact that you should tell the truth about who you are, even if you know it’s harder to get people to chat with you? At least then if you ever do actually talk to someone you might really want to do something with, it won’t be fucked up because they caught you in that obvious lie… just food for thought for those of you doing that, plus it just kind of ticks me off to keep on clicking on the couple profiles and see you pretenders all the time… I do happen to love to watch the true couples that show their sexuality on cam, and I have definitely noticed so many of you guys on cam because I click on the couples profiles and keep on getting the same faces showing up, and there is NEVER a wife there with you, yet most of your profiles will have pictures of naked woman on it… guess your wife must have only wanted to show her naked body to us one time for that profile photo, right? Anyway how can you not know that most people figure you out pretty quickly so you aren’t gaining much, and mostly just kind of pissing the rest off??? LOL

The second obvious observation I make is that there are so many couple profiles that are looking for another woman for sex. Now I certainly can see why there would be several of these profiles that are very legit because I know there are a fair amount of married women who also enjoy pleasures with another woman, and in those cases, it’s probably a shared desire by both people, no problem, but I know there are not so many married woman that do enjoy this to nearly explain the number of profile looking for that on here. Is maybe another large chunk of these, truly couples, but either the man is strong arming his wife to allow this, or even doing this on the sly? I suspect this is probably a very large portion of the couples profiles that are looking for another woman, and I say, if you’re a husband that pretty much forces your wife to go along with this, then shame on you, unless you’re also willing to have her share a man with you too if that’s her desire. I would think that there would be a lot more true couple marriages that would find sharing with another couple more appealing, than there would be of those that wanted to only share with a woman because I’d think the sharing couple situation would better fulfill both parties needs and thus keep that couple satisfied and married. I’m sure there are probably several profiles that just flat out lie about being a couple and are single guys hoping to fuck a lesbian who is looking for a couple… there goes those horn dog single guys fucking up again…, hey, I’m a single guy, I feel the pain of being amongst such a shear high number of other single males that it makes it almost impossible to get anyone to correspond, and fortunately for me, I’m not really trying to hook up, pick up, or meet anyone on here, so maybe it’s not as bad for me as it is for those very eager to hook up with someone, but you can still do it without scamming folks, can’t you?

Anyway I am almost certain the majority of these couples profiles that are only looking for other woman or lesbians has to not be legit because the ratio of all them apparently wanting that on AdultFriendFinder, and the ratio of people in the real world who area married and could even actually get by with doing that if they wanted, just don’t match up by a long shot, so it seems to me, there must be a lot of women and lesbians on this site that are getting played on a regular bases, so if any of you folks that might be the ones that are finding these players and scammers doing what I have to think is going on with this obvious mismatch to reality, then just let me know what you now about it… it’s strictly a curiosity thing for me because I’m obviously not going to do anything about any of this, nor would I even care too, I just like to be able to figure out the games played as much as possible

Ok, guess I got those silly things off my mind… might go see if there are any true, sexy couples on line showing, even knowing there is about a zero percent chance of finding a couples profile who is looking for a 45 year old single male… LOL But that’s OK, I don’t count on this site for my real sexual encounters anyway, but I do love to watch some of those sexy couples who are eager to share their passions on cam from time to time because I do find that to be very sexy indeed, so at least it’s a medium to fill in a gap or two during the times I’m not getting the real sexual thrills and encounters that I need, and there aren’t many places where one can pull up a cam and at least find a few couples being pretty hot with each other, within minutes, certainly not going to walk out my back door and see that, so as far as I’m concerned this site does serve a purpose for me, when I might need to see a little hot sex or passion between people to maybe help me to an orgasm or two for a little relief when I need it! I hope no ones reads this and thinks that I only think couples are sexy, Hell I see a lot of sexy women on here, but almost all of them will only show or fondle their breast a little, or may even use a vibrator or finger on their self, and when I’m with a woman one on one, that is very sexy because I can touch her and be involved in it, but when that’s all I see on cam, it’s just not as arousing to me as seeing two or more people actually fucking, sucking, and having real sexual interaction with each other, getting to hear their moans and sounds of pleasure as they put those bodies to work on each other, is so much more arousing to me, so if I’m looking for a good, hard cum for stress relief, the couples are usually where I go to watch to help me get there! By the way, thanks to any couples who are up there on cam and sharing that with all of us, I know I think it’s very sexy that some of you are willing to share like that, and I’m sure a lot of you get tired of the fact that a lot of times you can’t find anyone to play with on cam because all you see showing up as watching you are single males, but I hope you understand that we can’t really help it that males must be so much more open about needing sex than women are or there wouldn’t be such a big difference between the males and females on here, and all the male half of the couples needs to do is to think about where you’d be if you were single tomorrow, you’d be right here in the same shape as the rest of us because you would be a single another one of so many single males that dominates the numbers on this site… maybe if you thought about that just a little, it wouldn’t bother you quite as bad that you always see all the males swarming your sexy cam shows! And some, like me, never try to bother you while I’m watching you unless the couple pages me, and I appreciate the hell out what you do by getting up on cam, so in case you don’t get much thanks for your sharing, this is at least one time… what’s so funny though, is the odds are so slim that any couple will ever even click on this blog to read it that it’s pathetic, because as soon as they see it’s a blog from a single male, they just won’t ever click on it, so most likely not one of the people I’d like to say thanks too, will ever see it or hear it… oh well, at least my intensions’ are from the heart, even if it’s almost impossible that I could ever deliver it to the ones that I’m thanking!

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