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7/26/2006 1:09 am

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Had my first online chat last night. Think I was drunkard. I chat with friends on msn but these are only people that I already know and very few at that. Been to chat rooms before but never got any replies to my comments. Cuz I’m a guy I rationalize. If I logged on as a woman I’d have 50 pms right away probably. LOL

Anyway, was cool to chat with a stranger. I also sent emails to people with profiles here. one was to a girl way too young for me but she had such nice pics and lives so close that I just thought, what the hell ‒ send word. So I did. And then today sent an email to another local who came up on my ’people who have viewed my profile’ thingy. No replies yet. Don’t expect any. Too new here and I expect these things take their time. I aint in no hurry to go anywhere.

For some sick reason I queued up my E music folder again. More tolerable tonight. ‘Never knew what I missed until i kissed ya.’ That’s the song at this moment. An oldie for sure. Don’t do the oldies much but recognize a classic when I her it.

Kissing ‒ mmmmmmm. That’s what I miss the most over these last few yrs. I get sex now and then but I don’t get the kissing. It would be so sweet. Mmmmmmm

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