let it go, baby; let it go  

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12/10/2005 11:49 pm

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let it go, baby; let it go

here we are in the world

with a woman fled 130 miles away, with a man of Christian persuasion who feels I should give her a break.

Will I hold her in the future?

Keith's Wisdom
"One more person out in the world who cares about you and feels you matter..."

SUNDAY TO-DO'S, he says

1. shower

2. shave======= DO THIS b4 going to Keith's

3. put on some clothes that are nice and respectalbe (no suit)

4. expecxxxt that
Erin will be home around 10 o'clock pm. Sit down in a comfortable place, clear your mind, be calm.

5. When Erin arrives, say 'Hey.' - U'r certain decdent colothes

6. After she responds, say 'I'm sorry.' In a heartfelt way.

7. ... ... ... From this point, get ried of any personal agenda: no shouting, no yelling, no contempt in voice or eyes. Do not criticize *or question*. Absolutely do not grill . Erin about what she has done, where she has beeen. or whom she has seen.

These are the first steps to rebuild your dignity and self-respect as well as show E that u rilly do care.
- from the Wise One

You can't let Erin see [this prose].
This isn't about [retaining] her as a girlfriend -

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