Game Time, Baby!  

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9/10/2006 11:18 pm

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Game Time, Baby!

Game Time, Baby!

Ok, so my face was painted to look like a skull, complete with the black eye sockets, nose, and lips. One of my young teammates remarked that if I were sent to hell, the devil would mistake me for one of his minions.

We hosted our arch rivals (Alabama Lightning) today and they beat us 21-0. I know it sounds like we got stomped but it didn't go down that way; they had one real long run that should never have happened but we can’t just take the points off the board and replay the down. Our quarterback threw into coverage on the final play of the half and one of their safeties picked it off and ran it back for a touchdown with no time left on the clock! Their 3rd touchdown came late in the 4th quarter when one of our cornerbacks fell down and left their receiver all by himself down the sideline.

On offense, we had the ball inside their five two different times and fumbled the ball away both times.

On defense one time, one of our defensive ends picked up a fumble and was off to the races only to get tripped up by......... nothing! He fell on his face because his legs couldn't move as fast as his mind was trying to tell them to... That comes from not being used to sprinting. And when a football player isn't used to sprinting and the season is over half over, what does that tell you about the player and team? What does it tell you about the coaching?

Speaking of coaching… We went for it on 4th and 2 from our own 39 yard line on the last play of the third quarter and didn't make it. It was only 14-0 at the time. To me, that could very well have been the play that lost us a chance at winning. My reasoning is that even if we had made the first down, our offense wasn’t moving the ball very well and there is a good chance we would have just had to punt after the next set of downs anyway. We should have punted (we have an awesome punter and our defense was playing very well despite the one big play we had given up). We could have pinned the Lightning deep inside their territory and got the ball back with good field position. Instead, they took over at our 40 yard line, drove down inside our 15, then fortunately missed a chip shot field goal but we had to take over deep inside our own territory.

I don’t know what to say. I question the coaching skills of our coaches and the very heart of my teammates. Many were arguing amongst themselves, trying to incite the other team to fight, and yelling at the coaches and even the referees. They were cursing and swearing in plain earshot of women and children in the stands! I was ashamed and embarrassed to wear my own uniform. I contemplated quitting the team on several occasions today but I’m just not like that. When I start something, I put my mind to finishing it whatever the cost so I’m going to stick out this season but it’ll take an act of God to get me to come back next year. Shoot, maybe I’ll travel south and try to get the Lightning to let me play for them next year. At least they were classy about their victory.

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