Gone Surfing  

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Gone Surfing

I shoved the nose of my new Hawaiian Island Creations surfboard into the white hot sand. It was so hot I thought it would melt my sandals to my feet. I leaned back in the shade of a volcanic rock, pressing my back into it's jagged surface. I squinted my eyes as I peered out at the crashing surf. It was 92 degrees, there was a slight off shore breeze, and the water was glassy and warm. It was a perfect day to surf.

I sat for a few minutes timing the sets. The channel (where the water recedes) was well defined and would make for an easy paddle out to the line up. I stood up, peeled off my t-shirt, and tied my trunks. There was only a handful of surfers out in the water so I wasn't going to have to fight for waves. I applied a heavy coat of wax to the top of my board and kicked off my slippers. I attached my leash to my back leg and scooped my board up. As I walked to the water's edge I noticed a hot pink, old school VW bus pulling up into the parking lot. There were two white surfboards decorated with bright pink flowers strapped to the roof and I could make out two female figures behind the tinted glass. Local surfer girls.

The shore break crashed around my feet as I waded out into waste deep water. There was no need to get used to the water. It was as warm as bath water. I lurched forward, dove onto my board, and started to paddle through the channel out to the barreling breakers. I made my way to the line up and waited patiently for my wave. When it finally came I paddled hard and fast propelling myself into the jaws of the ocean beast. My board sliced through the face of the wave and I cut a path through the water only inches from the unforgiving reef below.

I was having the ride of my life when I noticed splashes of pink bobbing in the whitewash in front of me. As I got closer I could see a slender brunette wearing a pink string bikini floundering around. I was headed right for her. I quickly turned to avoid hitting her and was launched over the hip of the wave. The reef bit into my right shoulder as I was tossed into the churning foam of the breaking wave. I was momentarily stunned but soon regained my senses. Using my leash attached to my ankle, I reeled my board back in, slid it under me and paddled over to where I had spotted the bikini clad brunette. There was no sign of her. Then I noticed a piece of a board adorned with a big pink lotus blossom floating in front of me. The leash that was attached to the fragment was tightly stretched and disappeared into one of the caves in the reef below.

She was trapped! I dove deep searching the underlying caves for her. There was a flash of pink just inside the cave in front of me. I came back up for air and then returned to retrieve the trapped surfer girl. I dove deeper as huge waves crashed over me. Soon I was in the cave. I saw her thrashing around trying to untangle her leash from a rocky outcropping just inside the cave. She was panicking too hard to realize she just had to unstrap the leash to reach freedom. I grabbed her ankle and un strapped the leash. She wrapped her arms around me as I pulled her up. She gasped for air as we broke the surface. Once again I reeled in my board and helped her lay on it. I climbed on top of her and paddled us both to shore.

Once on shore, she rolled off my board and lay on her back in the wet sand. The pink fabric of her bikini top had been pushed to the side exposing her firm, supple breasts and dark nipples. She was too exhausted to care and just lay there in the crashing shore break. As I reached over and pulled her top back into place she turned her head toward me and kissed me deeply.
"Thank you." she said in a breathless tone.
"Are you ok?" I asked.
"I am now." she replied and kissed me again. Suddenly I felt a pain in my side. Then another, and another. I realized I was being kicked. There was also some incoherent screaming and sand flying everywhere. I was dragged from the intoxicating kiss by a tall blonde in a matching pink bikini. It was her friend from the van.

"Get off of her, you ass hole!" she screamed as she kicked me in the ribs.
"Stop it Marissa. He saved my life!" the drowning beauty yelled.
"He was trying to take advantage of you, Kalani!" Marissa replied.
"No he wasn't! I was kissing him!" Kalani said as she scrambled to my side.
"Are YOU ok?" she asked me.
"I'm fine." I replied.

Marissa towered over me with her arms crossed squeezing her large breasts together. Her nipples were standing at attention from the violence she had just unleashed on my ribs. The look on her face quickly changed from hatred to embarrassment as she realized what she had done. Kalani helped me to my feet and dusted the sand off of my back. As the three of us walked back to their towels she began to explain how she got stuck in the cave. She said she had seen me watching the waves when she pulled up and was trying to get to the line up to talk to me but got drilled by a huge wave that snapped her board. She thanked me again and Marissa apologized asking is there was ANYTHING she could do to make it up to me. They exchanged a glance and started to gather up their things.

"Come with us." They said in unison and led me by the hand to the showers. The shower head unleashed a torrent of water that engulfed the three of us. Their hands roamed my body as they tended to me. They started at my back, examined my right shoulder (which was fine. Just a bit of reef rash), and then undid the strings on my trunks. Four hands were soon kneading and squeezing my growing rod and washing out the sand that had found it's way into my nether regions. The girls giggled as they fondled me for all of the beach to see. I stepped out of the water and let the girls take my place. They rinsed out their hair as my hands slid up and down their bodies. I slipped a hand into Kalani's pink bikini bottom and rinsed the sand from between her cheeks. She arched her back sticking her ass out as my hand wandered further down below, gently caressing her tender flesh. Marissa stepped in closer and pressed her tight little tummy against Kalani's. Her fingers were soon entwined with mine as we both rubbed and prodded Kalani's wet pussy. The hiss of air brakes from Da Bus snapped us out of our sexual trance. We toweled off and headed for the van.

Kalani and I climbed into the back of the VW while Marissa climbed into the drivers seat and turned on the engine. Bass plowed through my chest as she cranked the volume up on her stereo. Bob Marley's Jammin echoed across the beach. Kalani pulled the door shut and sat down next to me on the customized bench seat/speaker box. She pulled out a baggie stuffed with Kona Gold and proceeded to roll a fat joint.
"Here, this will help the pain in your shoulder." she said as she lit the fattie. Thick, pungent smoke filled the van as Marissa climbed into the back with us. She did not join us on the seat however. She knelt in front of us swaying to the music. She ran her fingers through her hair, down the back of her neck, and over her swollen breasts. She grabbed the fabric and slid it off her titties leaving the bikini top on. Goose bumps washed over her and her pink nipples hardened again without any coaxing. She licked her lips and leaned toward me and Kalani. We both sat forward and Kissed her. I licked and nibbled her bottom lip while she entwined tongues with Kalani. Marissa put her hand on my chest and shoved me back against the seat. Kalani threw a leg over my waist and straddled me. Marissa reached between us, grabbed my trunks and pulled them off in one fluid motion. Kalani sat up tall in my lap placing her lycra covered mound inches from my lips. I could feel the heat radiating from between her legs. I buried my face into her bikini clad crotch. My hands slid up her hips and tugged at the strings that held her bottoms on. With a quick tug, her sex was exposed to my waiting tongue. I planted soft kisses all over her waxed pussy. My tongue darted in and out of the fleshy folds and my lips encircled her clit.

Marissa, having freed my throbbing cock, was alternating between licking the underside of my dick and slurping her friend's dripping hole. Soon, Marissa's oral ministrations had me squirming in my seat. She buried two fingers in Kalani's hot box and finger fucked her while she sucked my aching cock. She then grabbed it by the base and gave it a good squeeze. I thought I was going to burst right then but she let it go and gave it a hard slap. That brought me back down from the brink of orgasm. Kalani, hovering over my pole, sat down hard and fast spearing herself on my dick. She sat up tall again, took a hit off the joint, and started to bounce up and down. She ripped open her top and fed me a hard nipple. I clamped my teeth around it and gave it a tug. That sent her into a frenzy. She pressed her chest against my mouth causing her back to arch. Marissa grabbed Kalani's ass cheeks and spread them wide. She then slithered her tongue up Kalani's little puckered ass hole making her cum all over my cock. She pulled her tongue from Kalani's ass and sucked up all her cum that was pouring down my balls. Kalani lifted her pussy off of my cock and sucked up her own juices.

Kalani laid on her back on the floor with her legs spread wide open. Marissa straddled her head and set her wet cunt on Kalani's mouth. I sat stroking my cock as I watched the two little surfer girls in a torrid 69. I could only take so much watching and soon found myself on my knees behind Marissa with my cock head between her pussy lips. Kalani grabbed hold of my prick and sucked on the head. She let it pop from her mouth and went back to tonguing Marissa's clit. I leaned forward and eased my cock into Marissa's tight, pink hole. I started off fucking her slowly. The walls of her hot, slippery cunt milked my engorged cock. My pace quickened and I could feel the rush of orgasm approaching again. Marissa must have felt it too. reached back and pulled my cock inside her. Kalani sucked on my balls and then gave my dick a slap. The girls settled back into a 69 again. Marissa looked back at me over her shoulder with Kalani's juices all over her face and ordered me to fuck her in the ass. I reached down and put two fingers in Kalani's mouth getting them nice and wet. I then fingered Marissa's ass hole until she loosened up a bit. I shoved my dick back inside her dripping pussy and got it well lubed. Then I placed the head against her asshole. I rubbed it around the puckered rim and then slowly pressed forward. Her asshole opened up and engulfed my cock inch by agonizing inch until I was buried balls deep inside her. Through the wall of her ass, I felt Kalani slide two fingers into Marissa's pussy. I started to rock back and forth in that ass as Kalani furiously fingered her pussy. Marissa burried her face between Kalani's thighs, muffling her moans. I started to increase the speed of my thrusts and I could feel my balls starting to tighten. I couldn't hold back any longer. I plunged deep into her and flooded her ass with my come. That set Marissa off and she screamed into Kalani's pussy. I let my cock slip from her ass and Kalani removed her fingers form Marissa's twitching pussy. Kalani wriggled her way out from underneath Marissa and spun around. She hadn't gotten to come a second time. Marissa Slid two fingers up her own pussy and lubed up her digits. Then she inserted them in Kalani's ass. Kalani gasped. I then slid three fingers in Marissa's well fucked pussy and got them nice and wet. I crouched down beside Marissa and shoved my three fingers into Kalani's hot little pussy. We alternated strokes and fucked her deep until she collapsed in a pile on the van floor. After resting for a few minutes, we re-lit the half smoked joint and vegged out to more Bob Marley.

When they offered to drive me back home, I gladly accepted. It turned out that we all went to the same college. We all went back to their room and partied through the night. The next semester the three of us shared an apartment off campus and went surfing almost every day. We all failed out at the end of the semester.

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    Quoting 8lodus8:
    well damn baby!!! your stories just keep getting better and better, if that's possible...i'm gonna cum play with you now
Ahh...We do play well together. That'll make a good story! ;P

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