Sex with an 18 YO: The Younger Woman Dilemma  

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9/6/2006 9:01 pm
Sex with an 18 YO: The Younger Woman Dilemma

It has been pointed out that an older sensual man should not find an eighteen-year-old satisfying. I believe there are three major trains of thought that an Accidental Bachelor, hell, any guy for that matter, can point to when confronted with this seemingly logical proposition.


Think of it in musical terms.

Throw some smooth Coltrane or Miles Davis on and feel the soul, the oozing sensuality. Feel it tingle your senses and move you inside. Ahhhh, this is the experienced passionate woman from around thirty onward {Blogger's note: Remember, generalizations are used generously and, just because things are stereotypical, doesn't mean they aren't often true!}

She makes you feel so alive. Given a choice (choose only one, please), this is the woman you are going to spend your time with long-term and on a day-to-day basis.

On the other hand, I love Bach. Sure, you could definitely OD on this guy if that were your regular gig but, goodness, you have to respect what the man is laying down. Such technical brilliance; so sharp and focused.

A freshly ripened young woman diving into her sexuality (those early steps in devlopment of the more refined "sensuality", I believe)just plain ole invites some pure, raw, down-right animalistic fucking (and I use that word pointedly and judiciously).

Next theory ...


Surely by now you've noticed that some people are born with an innate comprehension of, and talent towards, sensuality. Sometimes it is just a gift from above that burns down below ... believe me, there are prodigies in this field.

I knew this girl back home (that's Alabamese for "where I grew up"), that was publicly accepted as a verified whore from seventh grade on, even though she stayed a virgin until ninth grade. In high school I dry humped this gal when she was still a cherry, and all this time and women later that still ranks high up there on the passion-o-meter. She exuded pheremones like most people dish off carbon monoxide.

Later, after she did give it up in ninth grade (hey, it was Alabama, that's pretty old for a girl with cousins), to a thirty-year-old professional golfer, she did go wild, so the designation as a slut was accurate, just premature.

There was a sex-kitten movie from the 50's called "The Girl Couldn't Help It" (yes, it starred Jayne Mansfield, but that was way too trivial for me to note; to know that you are either way too old to even consider the prospect of sex with an 18 year-old or, like me, your head is full of worthless information). There are girls that just can't fight off the nympho gene.

The existence of girls out there that can rock your world with a sensuality usually reserved for a forty-year-old woman argues against the proposition presented.


The perversity argument, though the only one presented in my previous post, is not, as you can now see, the only basis for considering the dilemma of the younger woman. However, it remains a very persuasive argument.

Why would you have sex with an 18-year-old woman? Because she is there.

This is not the same line of thought as the widely-held theory (among females in particular, but even I admit to its veracity) that a man will screw anything. Of course we will. But the old riddle is not "why did man climb the little hill over there". No, the age old question is "why did man climb Mount Everest". There is an element of reaching for a seemingly unattainable summit.

Since we aren't sure if we'll ever get a chance to have sex with an 18 year-old, and yet it is technically allowed, if the opportunity does comes around it is somewhat of a motivational challenge. Be all you can be. Bang that 18 year-old. Make your Daddy proud.


I get your point. It would seem rational that a man will go for the sweeter sensualities of the mature woman. But guys don't view this as a zero-sum game. Indulging one, for us, is no reason to then require exclusion of the other. Accordingly, while it is counter-intuitive that a sensual man in his forties would want to have sex with an 18 year-old, there are a myriad of factors that influence the final result.

Finally, an editorial disclaimer. I have not myself had sex with an 18 year-old since I was seventeen. I understand that they have gotten more sexually liberated in the recent generations. Actually, I recently had a roommate in his mid-20s (it's a Florida thing -- hurricane related -- you might not understand) and I have seen the digital photos that PROVE these girls are wilder than I personally remember. So a man in his forties might want to get a physician's clearance before engaging in such activities.

But, I digress. Overall, the simplest answer is that guys are just a bunch of fricken' perverts.


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