Making lemonade, sexually.  

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9/5/2006 8:21 pm

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Making lemonade, sexually.

I don't bemoan my unrequested status as a single man in his early forties. With age has come the growing wisdom that maybe being single wasn't so bad. Whether this is just a case of rationalizing a bad situation or a moment of perceptual rapture, there are some advantages to being single at this age.

Early forty is a pretty interesting age from the perspective of the available age range of potential sexual companions. I've seen women approaching sixty that are sexually attractive, whether by a boost from the sensuality of a woman that knows herself or just from residual physical hotness. At the other end of the spectrum, in our most base moments of weak-spirited perversion, what man wouldn't knock off a round with a mature 18 year-old? (Alright, maybe even a not so mature 18 ...)

I'm sure there are 18 year-olds out there that will say "Ewww" at the thought of a man in his forties, but even more would say "Hmmmm" given the right situation.

The natural life cycle is in an advantageous swing at this age, too. Many of those young Mommy's that have caught our eyes in the past are now, after years of single parenthood when your sex life(if existent) is by and large not your own, just now getting the kids out of the house and are ready to move to the next phase of womanhood after "Mommy".

So, please, do not think this a requiem. This is more an emotional and sensual Lewis and Clark Expedition for an Accidental Bachelor.

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