The First Date  

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7/26/2006 2:02 pm

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The First Date

In an attempt to undersand you i've expanded my consious mind. Painfully forcing myself to believe in a logic of feelings. It is an attempt to unravel the mysteries that drive your complex being.
Somehow through all the emotional dizziness, there are two definate answers iv'e found.

1) I'm A fool just like every other man who has tried.

2)We are here for the same thing.

Why do I need to understand? To Gain knowledge. To know the sequence of buttons to press to reach a place where both our inner animals drive us. She wants me to open the door but I must find out how. She can't just give me the key, that would be too easy. When else in nature has the prey had such control over the predator? The hunt drives me insane. My blood runs hot as lava. Her Smell, her laugh, every fluid motion of her body tempt me to lose myself and she knows it. But I keep a cool front, ice cold. Knowing that when the time comes I will pick up on the hint no matter how descrete it may be. Knowing that i'd be a fool to try to bypass this complex game. Anwswering every call for stimulation, joking, flirting, letting you know how beautiful i think you are, how sexy you are(wink). And loving every minute. Because I already know....................... We are here for the same thing.

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