DANCE... On the tip of my tounge!!!  

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1/8/2006 5:26 pm

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DANCE... On the tip of my tounge!!!

ALL ABOARD!!! catch a ride on this nonstop orgasmic express!!! next stop... orgasmo just a block away from the G-spot. ladies... hop on gams up in the air grab a handful of hair as the shivers run down your spine, the pussy is now mine, when i squeeze that ass your thighs begin to shake... pulsatin with pleasure at every flick of my tounge i slide up n down back and forth as i nibble on that clit -i got a big appetite momma and only pussy fuels these engines if we gonna make it i got a lot of work to do and you tell me... "eat that pussy" -as if i would stop. i put my mouth on it! and stick my finger in that ass! cock hard as a fuck just waitin on you to cum and its no mistaken the fountains that overflow even if youve never really came before you'll know and now you just cant sit still n at every move you wanna cum again -its so intense we just pulled and now you tired completely content... but we eh even started you still gotta answer to this dick!!!

i bet i make you cum if danced on the tip of my tounge

69 in 6k all day -- all night -- all morning -- all right

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