the aftermath  

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3/25/2005 2:19 pm

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the aftermath

I question what I am doing on here constantly, after my last relationship ended, I was left with a 1/2 empty calendar. You get used to planning half of your life, and relying on the other half being planned by your better half. And then when it's all suddenly fill your time with sadness/loneliness or boredom.

So you look for companionship. You know it's too early to get into something new (or is it?), and then you meet someone..both of you are not looking for a relationship other than for fun and benefits. And then you realize that you're falling...she retreats...and there it was, the rebound. For some reason it's harder to forget her than the relationship before. I guess cause it didn't really start or end, it was just a casual "what if". Oh well, I guess we'll never know. She sure was sexy, intelligent and full of life though...alas.

It helped me head, that's for sure, and the decision for another encounter shortly after with someone I didn't know was probably bad for my head...but it actually screwed it on better. My eyes are now wide open. I'll live for today, while keeping my sights set on the future, and a sexy new woman that I met on here.

I look forward to tomorrow.

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