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3/26/2005 7:21 am

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you send a wink.

you send a message, so that she can reply, and make sure to attach a picture, so that she can see that you're not a psycho.

you wink again

another letter...

It stops because, well, you're starting to feel like a stalker, and you have simply been interested from their description. There is no picture.

This whole thing is an interesting process, I may be alone, but getting a letter, or wink on here is very difficult, apparently women don't have the same problem.

If it is simply that you saw my picture, read my description and thought...nope not for me? cause if it is, it would be great to get a reply letter that said "sorry, not my type, good luck".

wow..this sounds so desparate and negative, it's not intended to be. I've met some cool people on here, and hope to continue to. it's simply that when you come on here and want to chat one on one with someone or exchange letters, and again, gets kind of boring.

I don't expect to meet half of the people I strike up a conversation with, I simply enjoy the process of meeting's interesting that you have two levels of connection to get through via this means. One: connecting through words, and two: connecting face to's a good filter.

I'm hoping my apparent date tonight, actually happens, it's not looking so good right now, haven't heard from her in a bit. we'll see.

Winnipeggal74 44F

9/30/2005 8:14 pm

I'd have to agree the process is extremely lopsided. Women just simply have to wait; regardless of what's in their ad the men come to them.
In my experience it's not the lack of replies, it's the quality and specifics of the people sending me messages. If I post a photo, most don't bother to read my ad to determine what I'm looking for BEFORE they write. And the ones whos ads I find interesting and write to never respond, perhaps because they don't like being pursued by a woman.

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