Men with short attention spans  

rm_4uimight77 40F
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2/28/2006 2:43 pm

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3/15/2006 6:41 am

Men with short attention spans

Why is it that SOME MEN can't read a profile?!!! I just don't understand at all, in my profile I stated that I like a man that can tell me what he likes WITHOUT THE OBSCENE LANGUAGE, then I get e-mails from all over with EXACTLY THAT! I don't mean to sound rude or anything but jeez!!! Does a profile mean nothing at all? There are many many great men out there, there would be many more if they'd just take it down a notch. I know this is an "adult site" but do some of these men have be so "dirty"? I guess I'm just too much of a soft hearted mushball.

sassybelle21 34F  
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2/28/2006 4:14 pm

Note that standard members can't read profile besides the point that most people on here don't read profiles to even begin with. You're not the only one feeling the frustration. Just thrash those emails and what not

rm_hungrynord2 60M

2/28/2006 4:43 pm

Nothing wrong with being a softhearted mushball. Looks like you're a standard member so when the opportunity arrises do a search. Don't wait for the fish to come to you. You know what you want so go look for it.

astralcurl 56M

2/28/2006 4:47 pm

With your picture's emphasis on only two things, I can understand how many men will be so "dirty".
Not everyone can read your profile, although they can still send limited emails.

rm_lookeelou69 48M

2/28/2006 6:22 pm

Hi, I hear you saying is you'd like more of a genlteman with a bit of charm. Whats wrong with that? Not a thing.. You might try and take things with a grain of salt, or as its said, be more like a duck and let it roll off... is that easier said then done? Thats up to you.

email has come my way from women with the same or simular content but when teased followed with a final, not one has ever lived up to nor lead me to believe they would actually do what they say in email.(and I suppose I didn't either because it ended in email} There has also been some charm sent but it all passes in & out.. hmmm at least those are the results thus far.

For me, thats alright. I'm one that doesn't take this too serious. Its the internet. Now If, one or more of those emails sent came to be a reality, I do know how to say no thank you, be a friendly, say yes and mean it or if need be, use the ingore feature,

elysianpleasure 49M

2/28/2006 7:19 pm

Most of us can't read...

MONA_14 31F

3/4/2006 2:36 pm

I enjoyed reading your blog and wish that you are our Friends

rm_cmoya 52M
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3/6/2006 11:44 pm

The way I figure it is -

This may be an adult site, but not all are few grown-ups.

So the ones that don't read profiles, are the ones that wouldn't come out if you asked them to any way - some kinda fear of sucess or failure. If they were really interested they would have the common curtosy to read a profile.

They get off just by writing the obscenities, and sending them to someone who they figure might like to read their crap.

They think that talkin dirty makes them men...
Guess that helps them compensate for other short commings like LDS.
There is nothing that advertises ignorance more than profanity.

There are a LOT of men out there who are afraid of women, they don't know how to approach them, or what to say. They can't be themselves because they either don't know who they are or are afraid that they would do even worse if they did. (Why do you think strip clubs do so well?) It's over compensation for a host of insecurities.

But - women - Please don't clue the guys in on it - and guys reading this keep it to yourselves...

Women are human, with the same desires that men have -
Women like to shop - men like to show off what they have (Why else would they really need a 54" screen to watch the game on?)
And the list goes on, and on, and on.

People are people regardless of gender.

If word got around - and men ever figured out that women were actualy sexual beings like us, they could compete, and I fully enjoy the misconception.

Guys, do yourself a real favor. Make friends with a lesbian, and don't try to change her. The insight, teamwork, and education are truely priceless.

You would be suprised how far a smile, tilt of the head, and showing a little interest can get ya. (Show interest - don't chase her and hope she falls). When you talk to her, talk accross to her, not down. Hold her, and nuzzel her, Don't just start groping.

junpal100 71M/59F

3/12/2006 5:49 am

i would suggest your blog is a fair comment however you have put yourself forward to be looked at and altough in your profile you ask that there is no rudness hey it happens lifes a bitch we all get these mails just trash them and get on with your enjoyment

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