The world cup  

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7/8/2006 3:50 pm

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The world cup

Will life ever get back to normal after the World cup.
Will normal people go back to work in normal clothes and not their Italian/German/Brazilian Shirts.
Actually will they even remember which side they actually supported at the start.
Will they remember how f'in stupid overweight people (yes me too, although I'm not daft enough to wear one) look in shirts designed for fit youngsters who can run all day.
Will they be able to cope without 2 o clock 4 o clock and 7 o clock telly and Gary bloody Lineker.
Will they spend the rest of their lives falling over nothing and holding their faces as if they have just been poked in the eye by a Gigantic nine foot Cyberman.
Or will they save up for the next one and go to it and not come back.....

Actually i'm not that much of a grumpy old man and enjoyed some of it and am looking forward to the final with my Italian friend.

But perspective seems to pass some people by.
C'est la vie.

ITALIA ITALIA ITALIA (sorry got carried away there)

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