Pavement(sidewalk) :Road . Bycicle : Car.  

rm_4it921 62M
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8/22/2006 2:21 am

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8/22/2006 11:08 am

Pavement(sidewalk) :Road . Bycicle : Car.

With apologies to our friends over the water we will stick to pavement.

Cyclists get off my f'in pavements. Dont care what you reasons are get off them. I dont like dodging careering mountain bikes doing wheelies when Im happilly poodling along minding my own business.

Its hard enough dodging dog shit without your special brand of crap as well.

I dont walk on the road so just get off.

By the way if you are incapable of coping with the highway then you are an idiot who shouldnt be allowed near a bike to start with.

By the way Im not talking about kiddies who are learning to ride, Im talking about grown ups who ought to know better. Even better are the ones who actually look at us as if we ought to get out of their bloody way for inconveniencig them with our peurile pedestrianism.

But Bicycles are green??

Not as green as walking mate.

By the way cars that park on the pavements are just as bad if not worse when they force us on to the road.

Thats it really just a wee rant.

Take care playmates


curiousinlorain7 60F

8/22/2006 3:11 am

if you don't like bikes on the pavement..don't go to denver colorado to drive ... yikes

rm_4it921 replies on 8/22/2006 3:40 am:
Thanks for the tip. Sounds like it would drive me insane.


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