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7/18/2006 3:23 pm

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7/20/2006 5:19 pm

Fat boy Slim

I've just seen an advert for Fat boy Slims latest Album.

Fat Boy heres a tip.

Your a f.....g D.J. You dont have a f.....g Album mate.

What you do is play the music other talented (or not as is your want) people make or made.

you have no right to call anything YOUR GREATEST HITS you f'in idiot.

The title your looking for is other f'in peoples greatest hits.
Thats other people you twat.

When you play your own stuff( lets face it even that was crap many moons ago, and I bet its not on the greatest hits album ) then fair play, until then get up in the morning and realise your a DJ not an original artist and shut the "f" up about it.

"Fat Boy Slims greatest hits my arse."

Dozy bastard

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