a broken rose  

rm_4funin3s 43M/41F
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2/28/2006 11:55 am

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3/8/2006 3:57 pm

a broken rose

i sit here in my favorite easy chair
a bottle of liquid comfort in hand
my toes mesh with the carpet
keeping me grounded in reality

a loaded gun rests itself in my lap
don't worry i'll be carefull
i always am (for all the good it does me)
my gun is my god,my god is my gun

the darkness slips inside the room
slowly embracing me like a tentative lover
i am covered in the shroud of evening
my apprehension increases, i need another drink

the slosh of the half filled bottle
the creak of my easy chair
the blood pounding in my ear
silence has never been so loud

the door swings open,light so bright it hurts
she stands there like a feminine form of contempt
i cringe as if the light is the problem
we both know better,the gun slips to the floor

she grabs my hand and leads me, a reluctant pet
i know the drill,i follow the routine
she disrobes like a triumphant warrior
i am the docile wretched prize

she lays on sheets of wine,a sexual deity
waiting for my supple sexual worship
tranquilized as i am my cock still responds
now who shall be the conquering worm?

i grab a broken rose from the nightstand
a memoir of a pleasure denied
a few petals fall like bloody drops
they fall to the wayside like feelings of another day

i trace the hills and valleys of her form
the rose a brush painting her sexuality
nipples rise to meet the strokes
legs spread to bask in adoration

i bite, lick , and drool my worship
she merely receives my meager attempts
she will not reciprocate,that is beneath her
my pleasure comes from hers

she orders the next move,and the next
i am merely a dumb sex beast
i penetrate and caress
orgasms and extasy are the attributes of my breed

there is a patch of dank moisture on the bed
could be blood,could be the nectar of her trap
i do not care anymore,i am not allowed
please,please end this intoxicating misery

i unleash my hate seed,mostly by accident
she announces her displeasure
this is nothing new
i hang my head,my soul an empty wasteland

i sit here in my favorite easy chair
a bottle of liquid comfort in my hand
the door opens,the light blinds
i pull back the hammer of my salvation

rm_saintlianna 46F
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2/28/2006 12:48 pm

Wow. That was amazing. It really is, thats one of the best things I have ever read on here or anywhere as a matter a fact.

rm_saintlianna 46F
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3/6/2006 6:13 am

Hey, I put this up on my blog. I wanted people to see it.

rm_1hotwahine 64F
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3/6/2006 1:57 pm

I read this on Saint's blog and had to come over and babble incoherently about how damn well written this is. Jeezus....

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

Sorceror07 55M

3/6/2006 3:41 pm

absolutely fantastic!! i love it right up my alley

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

rm_sj365 56F
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3/7/2006 10:40 am

nicely done. good writing

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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3/7/2006 5:15 pm

very nice

thx 4 sharing

dasher121 37M

3/8/2006 7:56 am

yep great post, read the post that SisterSaint did to tribute it. Nicely done indeed.........

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