Limo ride..part 2  

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4/3/2006 8:52 am

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Limo ride..part 2

After catching our breath and a few kisses,Lori reaches for the ice bucket as I adjust your blind fold a little,no peaking..Lori picks up a couple pieces of ice and moves to your hard nipples.She puts a piece in her mouth and lets the cold water drip from her lips onto your erect nipples.You jump with the first splash of cold making your nipples harder..drip drip drip the drops hit it right on the tip and then Lori bends down and sucks your cold nipple into her hot and cold mouth,sucking hungerly.You moan in exctasy..She takes the other piece of ice and starts circling the other nipple and I grab our favorite toy..the rabbit...I spread lube on it making it realy slippery and spread your legs wide as Lori keeps licking your nipples.I turn it on and it starts to spin and vibrate,slowly I touch you down by your ass with it and slowly slide it up gradually till I come to your sweet opening,holding it there a bit you start to squirm and suck in your breath.Up further I slide it between your pussy lips till I'm holding it just below your clit and then I slide it down again.Lori moves up and lowers her tits to your mouth and you suck one deep into your mouth nibbling on her nipple and the just flicking your hot tongue at it savouring the taste.I gently touch your clit with my thumb and slide the rabbit inside you a little.You start pulling on your ropes,filled with lust you start to push against my hand wanting it deeper but I just keep fucking you a little with short fast thrusts..Your so wet now,your juices running down your crack to the opening of your ass,all shiny and wet,it's so hot..the first wave hits you and you cum,squeezing the vibrator tight,your pussy've never felt so hot..You slide down a little more and Lori moves up and straddles your face and spreads her pussy lips for you take your first taste I slide the vibrator deep inside you and with a shudder you push you hot tongue deep inside Lori's dripping pussy,covering your face with her juices you lick her as fast as you can,starving for the fantasy you've always wanted.Holding the vibrator deep inside you I start playing with your clit with the little finger on the toy and turn up the volumn...You and Lori are both moaning loudly now,Lori fucking your face hard and the rabbit turning your clit into a super sensitive cum magnet...your both so close now I don't dare stop.Lori cums first,with a shudder she pushes against your tongue and squirts...mmm....which makes your clit cum and you thrust hard against my hand taking it as deep as possible...both your legs are shaking as I help Lori sit down...I kiss her deep and then come over to kiss you...I taste Lori's pussy all over your face and Lori comes up to help me kiss you...our tongues intertwining licking up all our juices of lust...I think we can untie you now....lets go back to the hotel,we need some more room...this limo's a bit cramped....

rm_chrissy4funn 55F
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4/8/2006 9:46 pm

mmmmm......this can't possibly come true, can it? Sounds too good to be true.......anticipation

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