Are they for real...!!  

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2/21/2006 3:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Are they for real...!!

I'm just a bit confused with women these days.I have met many girls on here but somehow 3/4 of them are nothing as their pics that are posted on their profile.Now i might sound shallow,cause i was given eyes that have 20/20 vision and rarely misses a good perv.Now the thing is,women on this site want men that #1.don't think with their dick....."How the fuck is that possible....??"......It's called lust...I could same thing.."How the fuck..can i think with my eyes"
#2.A guy that is truthful,loving and sensitive...
"well, they either gay,Bi-sexual or pussies ready to be taken advantage of"
#3.Someone who not married,got a girlfriend or attached his Siamese twin.....

My point to this is -
#1 Reality check - We can't find the things we want in every person...
#2 We don't want to be with someone that is shit in bed......
#3 If women want the truth...why not tell us their measurements,age and how fucked up they are in the head before we even meet them.
#4 The worst thing meeting a women for a coffee is - I."they expect you to pay" II."They expect you to spill your guts in the 1st 20Min's,or you have something to hide..."
III."They are either talk it up,which can be rather unattractive...."
IV.They look nothing like the pic they posted -
V.I hate being interviewed, like i was going for a job.....

Some guys don't like to reveal everything in their life.Sometimes we like to forget about the torture we have been through and carry on.

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