Why is there so much CAFUFAL  

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4/20/2006 6:36 am

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4/22/2006 10:46 am

Why is there so much CAFUFAL

Just a word I made up to describe the rigmeroll we go through un-necessarily to meet up with someone for sex.

Page someone with that little intro to catch attention.

Have a chat for 30 mins telling of what you do and what you like.

Leave chat for something that has come up.

Even though you swapped mails, never hear from them for 1 month.

Your online they page you ask how you are, you chat more fillng them in on things they forgot.

Maybe hav a little cyber, flirt and tease. Leave conversation for other silly reason.

Send mails, have occasional chats over a period of months before she finally gives you her number or arranges to meet for a chat.

This is months after first meeting and having that first chat.

Obviously there are a few exceptions to this and I have had a few instant meets after one chat, but why is it, everyone is so cautious?

Have that first chat, swap pics, if both attracted, meet up and have that drink the next day.

Doesn't mean you have to jump into bed but all those months of occasional chats can be put into 20 mins of face to face discussion over a coffee or alcoholic beverage.

I think life is simple and what you make it but most of the people on this site are just CAFUFALERS.

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