rm_37yo4u 50M
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5/23/2006 3:51 pm

so what can i say,
been along time since i've wrote a letter but shall get back to it now.
but first a sorry to all my friends that i havent been in touch with.
it just so happens that my life has had its ups but mostly downs,(so far) as now i'm free and single, and hope to be flying to the states very soon.
realy not much to tell, as i've been working and looking for a few new jobs aswell.
anyway, quite a bad blog this is but will come back with one better tomorrow as am painting belfast red tomorrow,
and if you dont know what that means?
well i'm going to get very drunk and see what i can pull?
but knowing me, it will be me.
right thats it.
take care all, steve xxx

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