part one  

rm_37yo4u 50M
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6/19/2006 12:00 pm
part one

she stood there, all hot and sweaty, god she was good looking.
i lay on the bed just looking, well thats all i could do since my arms and legs were tied.
she started to feel herself, her hands just rubbing her breasts,
slowly at first and then harder she pressed her hands on those firm breasts of hers.
i licked my lips, bad move, she saw me and in a flash she had picked up the riding crop and struck me with it.
her blouse buttons started to come undone, one by one, i could see her glistening skin underneath that silk top that was slowly being undone.
i dar nt move, my groin started to twitch, but i didn't need another hit from her riding crop, so i lay still, just admiring the sight.
her top came off and beneath was a small but bursting out bra, black and lacy i think, i dared not think about it as my mistress would not approve.
her hands moved on to that stomach of hers, one you just knew by looking at it that it was well worked and well looked after, god how i wanted to take her now or have her take me .TBC.

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