This is a true story!  

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This is a true story!

Just before my divorce was final I moved out of my house for about a month because my husband wouldn't leave, leaving me no choice. When I told him that our divorce was going to be final on "date X" he decided that he would go ahead and leave because in the divorce settlement I get the house and primary residence for our children.

So he moved to another state with his sister so that she could help him "start over"...but he took our son with him. He wasn't supposed to do that. After crying and throwing a tantrum, I bought a plane ticket to get there and 2 trane tickets to get us back home (my son is terrified to fly). I was pissed beyond belief.

Upon my arrival to get my son, my ex told me that he wanted to talk to me alone. I agreed and was surprised at what he wanted. He decided that it would be fair for me to sell my house and property and split the money from the equity with him. HA!!! You see...I'm not an unfair person and I don't wish anything bad for anyone, however, I am the one that worked 80 hours a week to save for the house, I'm the one that made every payment on the house. While he was working either part time or not at all, and not acting as if he were concerned about having a house to live in at all. In fact, when our children were younger I made the sacrifice of working and letting him stay at home with our children. But now that they are older, old enough to watch theirselves actually, there's no reason for him not to work.

So, I laughed at him and told him there was no way that I was selling my house. I took my son to the trane station and we were back home the next morning.

A week passed, and things at home had gotten back to normal. Then while at work on friday evening, my phone rang and it was HIM. He was calling to tell me that he'd moved back and into my house and that there was nothing that I could do about it!!! Yeah Right!!

I called my best friend that is also my assistant and told him of the situation and that I needed to leave. I showed up at my house with the police 45 minutes later and had him escourted off of my property. Victory!! Or so I thought...

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