He camped out in my backyard!!  

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9/27/2005 4:40 pm

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He camped out in my backyard!!

So, having him out of my house was what I had set out to do and had done very well. But he wasn't through with his bullcrap. His parents own the piece of property that is adjacent to my property so he decided to pitch a tent and camp out on my property line. Well, he only did this to harrass me and piss me off.

Night 1: Laying in my bed thinking about the ex-psycho camping out in my backyard basically I was a little upset but then I heard the most marvelous sound...rain!! Not just any rain, a down pour like we hadn't had in weeks. All I could do was laugh!!! The thought of him out in the tent in the rain, oh goodness, the hilarity.

Night 2: I was suspicious that someone had been in my house while I wasn't home so I looked around to make sure everything was where it was suppose to be. Well, when my ex left, he took my .22 rifle that I had in the closet for protection, so I immediately got a .38. (I live in the woods and the woods can be scarey) No one knew I had the gun and no one would have been looking where I had it hidden except someone that had used my hiding place for themselves before me...So he found my gun and took all of the ammunition from it. He left me unarmed in the middle of the woods. I was pissed!! So I went out to his tent and confronted him about it, he of course denied having any knowledge of the gun or of anything I was talking about. He told me that the children must have taken the ammunition. This pissed me off even more to think that he'd blame his own children for something he'd done. So I looked him in the eye and told him that I knew he was a liar and that he was the one who did it. He continued to deny it. It rained again this night ha ha ha ha

Day 3: I went to the court house to try to get an injunction against him or a restraining order because if he was going to break into my house then I could only imagine what else he'd do. The wonderful people at the court house explained to me ever so nicely that there was nothing that could be done because he hadn't beaten me up!?!? What?? I have to be physically harmed first!! Then they'll tell him to leave me alone?? What crap!! More rain today he he he he

Day 4: When I came home from work he was in my front yard waiting on me...I wasn't sure if I should be civil or if I should be mean...I decided to be civil, it's just my nature. He told me that he'd be moving into his parents house until he could find a place to live...he couldn't stand the rain any longer.

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