Light and Dark  

rm_350legacy 34M
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7/18/2006 2:59 am

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7/25/2006 2:14 pm

Light and Dark

Light and Dark together is Hope, so when there is no light and there is only the dark or if the light shines bright and there is no dark, is there still hope?

fallinStrgazer 55F
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7/18/2006 6:05 am

There is always hope, someone will come along when u least expect it, when u are not looking for it.. thats the fun of it all

angelofmercy5 60F
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7/18/2006 12:06 pm

Welcome to the blogs! There's always hope! Hey! If you get a chance....stop by my blog and sign up for CAMP APHRODISIACGet Excited!

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