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5/23/2006 3:29 pm

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last night

So last night she came over, it was nice... we hung out for a while watched some TV looked at pictures. I was dead from work so we relaxed. I took her down to her car and we started making out, she had a nice black sunday dress on with absolutely nothing under. We took the party into the backseat. She undressed me and started giving me a BJ. She grabbed me as she licked the tip of my cock and I lifted her dress up and began to finger her gently. She was as wet as the ocean and within a few minutes she was riding me hard. We almost forgot to slip on one of my new mutual pleasure condoms I kissed her passionately and gently bit her bottom lip as she moaned and fucked me harder and harder. It was a dark street but people were walking by and we didnt even care. i pushed her off me lifted her and moved into missionary where i pounded her till I couldnt hold it anymore. The car was rocking back and forth, mustve been a funny sight. I finished her off but going down on her, licking her inner thighs and playing with her clitoris. She came almost instantly. The windows were fogged and we were both sweating... it was amazing. Afterwards we both got dressed and she went home... just what i needed

swooness 36F

5/28/2006 9:13 pm

It was a dark street but people were walking by and we didnt even care.

The loss of all inhibition...excitement and erotic

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