Why the fuck not...  

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5/20/2006 12:36 pm

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Why the fuck not...

So I was sitting here in my room surfing AdultFriendFinder, looking for something entertaining to read and i decided to start my own blog.

Im not a big fan of blogging... Im too lazy to get into a habit of writing everyday and trying to describe in words what i am feeling or thinking but i said fuck it.. why the fuck not...

SO im home from college in Miami for the Summer, and you think what a great place to be right? well not really... Most of my friends are away either in summer semester at school or studying abroad. I do have a significant other, but shes away too. So i keep myself busy working and occasionally drinking.

Well i know this isnt the most interesting blog but cut me some slack.. its my first one! I promise they will get better... just gimmie some time, happym;

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