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6/9/2006 4:19 pm

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So for some reason ive been turned on all day today? All i saw was hot girls at work today wearing short skirts or just showing some skin. I must admit i love a girls tummy. I will be attracted to a girl is she has a nice stomach, thin and sexy. She doesnt need much T & A although i love it too, but is shes thin and can show off some tummy I WILL LOVE HER. My perfect girl would have that model body; tall, thin, and a pretty face... thats all i ask for. Am i too picky? lol

SO whats your perfect girl or guy?
And are there any girls that would like to show off some skin for me? I know i know... it aint gonna happen but w/e im bored and its been a long day lol

showmemore47 71M

6/9/2006 5:34 pm

my perfect girl is way differnt than yours.--A full figure older girl in black stockings,3or4 inch heels,tight short skirt or dress about 1or2 inches above the knee,thats my kind of girl.--add to that a good personality and a little bit of spice and thats it.--I will also add that a discreet married girl is much more pleasure than single girls.--Women (55 to 69) with husbands that are more interested in the baseball game will blow your mind.

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