Rest and Recuperation!  

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1/29/2006 2:50 pm

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Rest and Recuperation!

Sunday, traditionally, is a day of rest.... Thank god!

Lord knows we need it! After another weekend of fun and frolic it is nice to kick back, wander around the house barefoot and half dressed taking care of chores and duties.

A little breakfast of thick sliced bacon, eggs from our own coop and hashbrowns wrapped up in tortilla's with your favorite topping additions is a hell of a good way to wake up in the morning! Call me a freak - but one of the sexiest things in the whole world to me is coming into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes to find my wife standing there in her robe, fryng bacon and preparing a meal for the family. There is something sexy to me about how she takes care of things and takes care of us. It just makes me want to "take care of her" even more - every time I see it.

Few women in this world get the respect and adoration they deserve - for busting their ass 7 days a week trying to take care of the household, the kids, the laundry, the dishes, the drycleaning, etc. etc. etc... It is a TOUGH job! And on top of that - many men expect their wives to work - AND take care of the house! It hardly seems fair, and they rarely get the thanks if not just the RESPECT for doing so. I tell my wife I love her all the time, I feel guilty sometimes for NOT doing more around the house to help her out. She works HARD to make everything work out, she rarely gets the help she needs because she rarely asks for that help... If YOU have a wife at home - THANK her for all that WORK she does on your behalf, to make you happy! And do it OFTEN!

I took care of a few chores, check the emails and lay down to take a nap.... a LONG nap! Trying to make up for staying up until 4am for the last couple of days! LOL

Waking up later to toss a few pork rib-eyes in the marinade to slap on the grill later, pick the veggies and prep the condiments... and sit down to talk to you people while I wait for the dinner hour... Not a bad way to spend a lazy Sunday!

Tonight after dinner, we get to sit down and try to edit down 4+ hours and almost 4 GB worth of digital video of Mrs. P's latest adventures into something less than an hour. I figure anything longer than that is sort of wasteful and would sort of "drag" in spots with the lack of the action changing. I get distracted sometimes and dont pay as much attention to the video I am capturing a I should...(grin) I wonder why!?)

This video editing thing isnt new to me, the media in which I am dealing with is - digital. It makes things easier in many ways but sometimes brutally long and drawn out when it comes time to "assemble" that movie. Last week it took 19 hours to compile a 1 hour, seven minute movie on our computer. After several nights of editing sessions we turned it loose to build the "final file". Were impressed with the results. Still a little rough but we did amazingly well considering instead of several thousand bucks worth of cameras and lighting equipment like we used to do with video tape - we now use a $79 Logitech "Ball-Cam" USB web camera! LOL Sorta high tech but low budget and it WORKS! LOL Certainly NOT the best video I have taken by far, but for what we are doing with it - it works amazingly well... Much better than expected! LOL

WE hope your past weekend was as eventful and exciting as ours was.

Mr. P.

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