To spread...or not to spread??? THAT is the question!  

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9/12/2006 12:16 pm

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To spread...or not to spread??? THAT is the question!

As newbies, we're kind of "going with the flow". We're not overly eccentric, but then again...the internet can devour even the prudest of the prude you know.

Originally we posted a single pic. (The one that is our main profile pic now.) After browsing other couple's profiles, we decided that adding a couple of raunchier pics was quite appropriate. So late one night we de-virginized ourselves and shot our very first digitals, and uploaded them.

This past Friday we logged on. Apparently the pics we had posted had been set so that others could rate them. We shrugged and thought, "Ok, if we can get at least 5's..." Well...let's just say that it kind of sucked that our pics raked in 1's on a scale of 10. Ha worries! Seemingly just a jealous individual that doesn't have the rock-hard bodies that we do.

We've put all the triple X rated pics for viewing by our network friends only. After all, what are friends for... Oh, and to the person who gave us the lowest rating on the chart: Rock on!'ve now given us a challenge! And we SO love challenges...

To everyone else: We are having fun with the "flash" and will soon have a multitude of pics to blow your socks off. (If you are wearing any that is.)

rm_matzguy 54M
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9/12/2006 12:57 pm

your profile pic looks gorgeous to me, id rate you 10/10 lol

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