What the hell?  

rm_2giveyou 36M
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3/24/2006 11:39 am
What the hell?

Can you tell me why the hell would someone do this?
I finished my workout at the gym and went to the locker room to change and shower. As I'm doing this I'm mixing up a protein shake and I hear this voice from behind me ask "Is that lunch"? I turn around to see who it was and this old guy is standing about 5 feet away, buck ass naked looking at me, he wasn't even reaching for a towel, just standing their and looking at me. It wasn’t sexual or anything but it was dam strange. He then launched into this story about how he and his son went canoeing and he pulled his shoulder and he thinks he should take protein shakes.
I have no problem with nudity, ( just look at the site I’m on ) but I'm staring at the ceiling trying to have this dude get the clue to PUT ON SOME FUCKING CLOTHES!
God, why me? What did I do wrong? If it’s the meat I ate on Friday then that’s just picky.

Song of the moment.
I Wanna Make It Wit Chu- Desert Sessions.

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