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4/23/2006 9:14 am

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first Fantasy

I am taken forcebly by someone i dont know.Tied up , blindfold
and thrown in a van.As the van starts driving my clothes
are roughly removed and i am left cold and naked on the hard
, metal floor of the van.As I lie confused, afraid and disorientated
I am flogged all over, my legs forced apart and my delicate
parts stinging like fire as the stokes connect.I am driven
to a forest , still blindfold, naked and now shivering
with the extreme cold - or is it my fear?A collar is placed
around my neck and this is attached to a tree by a chain I am
left, freezing, while my tormentor sits and watches me.He
tells me I am now his and all former life as I knew it is over.I
will pander to his every whim and suffer for the slightest
failure. he inpects me all over examining me intimatly
forcing his hand between my legs , opening me wide for him
to inspect.He tells me I am ugly and my body is really not
very nice at all .He forces me to bend forward and orders
me to touch my toes.I am insructed to repeat every order
before I comply and address him as master at the end of each
sentence.If i forget I am mercilessly flogged.He tells
me to beg him to fuck my virgin arse but I am afraid and do not
want to comply.The punishment comes quick and severe, a
very large dildo, much larger than any penis is very roughly
pushed up my arse forcing me to cry out and I feel the sting
of a crop as it strikes me again and again, the welts raising
all over my body, the cold night heightening the pain.He
shouts at me to beg for forgivness or he will not stop, he
stikes harder and faster, I scream for his forgivness
but i forget to call him master so I am beaten more until I
remember and correct my unforgiveable mistake, and he
finally ceases.He informs me that I am to remind him the
following evening that he must punish me for this.He then
removes the dildo from my anus and orders me to suck it clean
I repeat the command "I must suck the dildo clean master"
I do as I an told, already in too much pain and fear to argue.
When I am finished to his satisfaction he orders me to beg
him to force the dildo very roughly into my pussy "please
force your dildo into my dirty cunt, Master"(he has
told me I may only refer to my pussy as my dirty cunt and I am
afraid to disobey.)He orders me to tell him what a slut I
am and that I do not deserve his dick up my arse , but I am to
beg for it anyway"please put your big fat dick up my
filthy arse, I know I dont deserve you but i'll work
on being good, please master fuck me good and hard up my
arse"I spit out the words he has told me to use.I almost
faint at the speed and depth that he forces up my arse I have
been told to make no more noise of pain or I shall suffer.I
stifle my crys as I thank him for pleasuring me.I am to thank
him for all he does, every stroke of the whip, beat of the
belt, fuck up the arse etc.Once he is satisfied he withdraws, still
blindfold I feel his hot sticky dick on my lips, I have only
been with him a few hours but I already know to open my mouth
quickly and lick and suck him clean making sure I get my tounge
into the crevases.He turns around and forces my face into
his arse , even stifled I must repeat his command to stick
my tounge right up into his arse.Just for the fun of it, he
leaves me like this , tounge right up his arse for a good
10 mins telling me at his leisure to move my tounge to make
sure I clean him good while he writhes down on my face.He
forces me to my knees and from above me he forces his dick
right down my throat, I gag and he laughs.He tells me to
repeat over and over that I am a slut its very hard and I gag
again, he tells me to keep repeating it.I feel the hot strokes
of his belt tear down my side as he beats me , now just for
pleasure and I am more confused and try harder to please
him for fear of the pain.He face fucks me pushing his dick
hard and fast down my now sore throat pulling hard on my hair
which he has wrapped around his hand.He orders me to push
my cuffed hands down and fuck myself with the dildo I repeat
and comply.He facefucks me hard and orders me to speed up
with fucking myself its difficult and painful, repeating
his orders while being facefucked almost imposible, but
seemingly very enjoyable to him.He finally comes he orders
me not to swallow his juices but to keep it in my mouth until
he instructs me to do so.Of course by now i am obeying.He
stands me up and again bends me forward .A massive butt plug
was then rammed into my arse and I hardly contain my scream, through
my closed mouth I thank my master.Tight clamps are attached
to my nipples pain shooting through me , but when he attaches
more to my dirty cunt around the dildo I almost make a sound.He
tells me to gargle his juice but not to swallow it, I almost
puke but manage to do it.I then have to sit on the edge side
of a plank of wood to ensure the dildo and plug are well up
inside me.He sits and watches my discomfort pulling on
my titty clamps for pleasure.I am left like this for at least
3 hrs he left me and I was unsure if he was truly gone so I continued
with what I had been ordered.When he returned he ordered
me to open my mouth.Satisfied that his juice was still there
He ordered me to swallow it, I repeated as best I could with
a mouthful of spunk, and swallowed.He made sure my butt
pug and dildo were in place and placed a kind of chastity
belt on me to keep them firmly and painfully in place.He
released me from the tree and led me by the collar back to
the van.After a drive during which I was beaten for fun (but
made sure to thank my master ) I was led to a cell.I was chained
by my collar to a wall and the belt taken off.The dildo and
plug were taken out and I duly cleaned them with my mouth
making sure I gave my master thanks.Again I was roughly
fucked up the arse and my dirty cunt(with the clamps still
on) and cleaned him off with my mouth.The plug and dildo
were put back up my arse and dirty cunt and the belt put back
on. I was then given food to eat.Served in a dogs bowl that
didnt seem to have been cleaned at all. I dont know what it
was and didnt want to eat it but I was more afraid of upsetting
my master, I gagged it all down so as not to anger him .A freezing
cold hose of water was turned onto me to clean me for the day
and I was reminded that I would not forget to beg for my punishment
tomorrow and yes I did realise it had to be harsher than today
due to my disobedience.I thanked him for helping me realise
that I needed disipline and took the last whelts from his
belt, before he left me on the bare stone floor of this cell,
nothing to lie on no covers to warm me chained to the wall
by my neck .Waiting for tomorrow.

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Very Erotic!

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Welcome to the blogs!

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Very dark fantasy 2do *S


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