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There was no sleep .
It was quickly bought to my attention that I was the property of more than one master,all of whom had unlimited access to the previously sacred parts of me.
It must have been about 2am.I was "introduced"to
the "Nightmaster".I can't say I was woken up as I was unable to sleep,but exhaustion had lured me into a stupor so It was a shock to be hosed with the freezing water again.By this time my body was in pain from the severity of the cold and the strong force of the water felt like being punched all over.The water ceased and I Heard A voice " turn towards the wall and bend over you little Bitch!"I instantly obeyed.Take that plug out of your fucking arse,and you know where its going!"I began to do so."stop!"
I heard him come toward me and fear took hold inside."Stand up and turn around whore!"Shaking, I did as I was told.He removed my blindfold and I looked into the eyes of the man who controlled me - there was no mercy to be seen.
"where you not told your rules by the "Daymaster""
"yes Master"
The slap across my face caught me off guard and I fell to the floor.
"look at the floor at all times Bitch"
My eyes lowered."never raise your eyes unless given permission "
"yes master"
"I know you were told of your duty to repeat back every order you are given by your Masters, am I correct?"
"Yes Master"
"So you deciede you do not wish to comply do you?"
"no Master,Im sorry Master,I forgot myself briefly - it will never happen again"
"Oh ? do you think you have a choice Bitch? Damn right it wont happen again!"
He twisted his hand around my hair and dragged me off the floor.
"now face the wall and bend over you dirty little bitch Im going to clean u up!Now take that plug out and plug your fucking mouth up with it ,I dont want to hear your fucking sniveling!"I repeated the order back and did as I was bid.
"Pull your arse open nice and wide for me,And make sure you pull it open till it fucking hurts good and proper or I'll rip it open for you!"
"yes Master , I will pull my arse open until it fucking hurts,thank you Master"
speaking through the plug it came out muffled.
He turned on the hose,using my already sore arse for target practise.The strong force of the water actually pushing my hole open. The pain was fast and intense as the jet threw me forward into the wall.I struggled to keep my arse open for him while the water flailed me about.Over and over he turned the hose on and off scoring his imaginary points on my arse.
"now lay on your back on the floor bitch and swap the dildo and the plug around."Repeating and thanking him I tried to put the butt plug up my arse but the swelling and bruising made it impossible .I tried to withstand the pain and force it into myself but I just could not do it.Incensed at my obvious attempt to take him for a cunt(his words)he came over to me snatched it from my hand and rammed it so hard into me that I could not stiffle my scream.His response was to rip it out and force it in again and again.I believed I was about to faint when he stopped.
"now , see if you can take the dildo out of your pussy without fucking up you useless cunt!"
I was now crying quite hard and had a little trouble repeating what he said ,but to my relief he did not seem to take offense at this.I removed the dildo and obediently placed it into my mouth."now pull those fucking lips apart with the clamps,I want to see the pussy lips straining "Muffled repeats again and fighting through th excruciating pain I pulled hard so that he would not see fit to assist me.The jets hit my pussy so hard I moved along the floor into the wall where i stuck against my neck.Again he turned the hose on and off for full effect.
"get up Bitch!"
I rose and he came over and unlocked the chain that linked me to the wall.He did not speak as he pushed me on all fours and led me out of the cell like a dog.I realised, as he walked me along a long corridor ,that I was not the only one forcefully held as I saw at least another 3 girls along the way.I also counted at least 2 Masters.He led me into a large room.Along the wall were boxes with numbers on them.In the middle of the room was a large wheel like object with shackles around the rim.
"ok just a little refreshment before we start I think.Open up Bitch!"I repeated ,and the dildo still in my mouth,fell to the floor.
"Pick it up, you know what to do" so I replaced it in its storage place - my pussy.
"You must be thirsty after all that playing hey? would you like to drink my piss Bitch?" Shit! what could I do there was only one answer and he wanted me to beg for it .
"yes please Master, thank you Master" He pissed in my mouth ,"Dirty little whore arnt you?"
"yes Master"and he was still pissing , all over me as it bounced off my moving mouth .
"thats a good Bitch swallow it all up"when he finished his dick was placed in my mouth and I sucked and licked while he told me what a nasty slut I was.
Luckily his cum hit the back of my throat so I was able to swallow it without much trouble ,here you need to understand, before I was abducted I had never had a dick in my mouth so I found it quite disgusting.He wiped the rest of it over my face using his dick and I thanked him.He took me to the wheel and strapped me on.I was suspended on the wheel arms and legs spread wide. The dildo and butt plug were removed and placed on the side."ok my new little Bitch,choose a number"I looked at the boxes and picked randomly
"number 7 please Master"
Box seven was opened it contained a long thin crop."so where shall I whip you, your pussy ,your arse or your tits? you tell me which you would like me to do"
" I would like you to whip my arse please Master" I thought I would take the easy option."oh of course, they all start with the arse."he informed me.He whipped hard and he whipped strong not only were welts welling up but I could swear my skin was tearing, it felt like it anyway .I didnt think I could take anymore and he said to me"you can change at any time you know just tell me where you would like to be whipped."
Eager for the pain to stop on my arse I opted for the tits I did not want to feel the heat of the crop on my delicate pussy.He was relentless, the clamps felt heavier than ever and pulled tight on my nipples as the whip caught on them as it came down ,over and over hard and fast he was sweating with the rate at which he lashed me.
It was too much ,Please Master whip me on my arse again "
"Oh no,its not that easy my dear little slut only one at a time and no repeating until all areas have had a good waking up,now thats just not fair on your pussy is it?"
"No Master"I tolerated more abuse on my breasts until they were too tender I knew I had to take the pussy strokes "please Master, whip my pussy for me "
" Is that what you really want me to do"
" yes Master "I was desperate for a reprieve from the pain in my chest.
"then you need to convince me a little better than that my dear,I need to know its what you really want"
"please Master whip my pussy for me,I really want it whipped,please give me the pleasure of your crop lashing my pussy"
The first strke landed like an electric shock .My body shook and my mind flashed white ,there was no time to fully acknowlege the severity of the agony before the blows rained down.I could not catch my breath enough to beg him to flog me elsewhere so he fervently whipped at my delicate flesh the clamps bit harder as the crop connected and I was unable to breath, finally and mercifully I fainted. I woke quite quickly still strapped to the wheel, "now that you've decieded to join me we'll continue And just to keep your mind where it needs to be you will count each stroke and thank me for the disipline do u understand?"
Physically and emotionally exhausted I repeated his command.Instanly he flashed the crop into my crotch " 1 ,thank you for the disipline Master"
"2, thankyou for the disipline Master" "3, thank you for the disipline Master" I spoke through tears of pain as I realised up on the wheel that this was to be my life from now on.He stroked to 50 and I was numb,my pussy was red and swollen and he delighted in slapping it and pulling it, quite pleased with the job he'd done. the plug was put back in my arse and the dildo was forced into my numb pussy , "Dont worry about the numbness it will wear off soon and you will be able to enjoy the pain"
"thank you Master" I had never felt so drained in my life.
I was taken down from the wheel and led on all fours to a pole that was wielded to the floor.It was about10 inches long and 3 wide.
"now I know your pussy's numb so I think we'll sit you on this when you will feel the full level of pain but just for my enjoyment I want you to suck this pole off good and proper just like it was your Masters dick ok"
"I will suck this pole off good and proper for your enjoyment Master "
He pushed my head down to the pole and told me to go ahead.I took the pole in my mouth and worked my tounge up an down the girth ,I took it in my mouth and sucked ,licked and flicked he had me there for quite a while and my jaw ached badly,
"ok thats enough practise come here Bitch"I walked over on all fours keeping my eyes down.he tangled his hand in my hair and placed my lead in my mouth
"carry that Bitch"
He dragged me roughly by my hair into another room.15 or so men were watching another 2 Masters abusing 2 more slaves.I was taken to the first of the men who were all sitting comfortably enjoying the suffering.I was given to the first man who took the lead out off my mouth .None of them spoke to me but conversed with each other as if I was not there."go ahead bitch"called my Master from a couple of feet away.I undid the mans trousers and took his sweaty hard cock out with my hands.
"do not touch them with your dirty hands !" Master slapped my face .
" No Master,Sorry Master"
He cuffed my hands behind my back.
I used my tounge to feed his dick into my mouth and gave him a blow job.He came quite quickly to my relief and I swallowed his load.I moved on to the next man and had to undo his button and zip with my teeth and suck and pull to get his dick out of his pants.again I used my tounge to feed myself his dick.He too came swiftly and I was glad they had been watching the other girls for awhile before I had arrived,the other girls had set the scene for me.I worked my way down to number 6 he deciede he wanted more.My dildo and plug were removed and they all took turns using any of my holes in any way they wanted,this unfortunately was not as quick as the blow jobs .when they were all done I cleaned them all off ,They returned to watching the girls. My Master put the lead back into my mouth and dragged me on all fours by my hair to a smaller pole in this room.
this one was about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide."alright Bitch Ive been good to you tonight and am allowing your pussy to relax a bit for now , sit your fucking arse on this pole and fuck yourself as hard and as fast as you can"
"yes Master ,I will sit on this pole and fuck my arse hard and fast for your enjoyment because I want to please you"
"get on with it slut!"
Pain! Pain! Pain !
"faster you fucking slut and lift youre arse higher off that pole!"
I fucked that pole hard and fast with my swollen arse not quite believing that only yesterday I had never had anything enter my back passage .Tears stung my eyes and this seemed to please my Master."tell me what a fucking little slut you are and covince me of how lucky you are that im taking the time to train a fucking unworthy little whore like you, wasting my fucking time"!"
"I'M a dirty fucking slut,I dont deserve your kindness or your time im just afilthy little whore and i'm so glad you found me and decieded to take me under your wing and train me .I dont know what my life would be without you and I thankyou for treating me so well"
"yeah alright that will do, I'm bored of you now get the fuck up!"
He pulled me off the pole and nearly broke my pelvis.The but plug and dildo were replaced inside me and he dragged me by my hair back to the first room .I was placed on the floor with my face to the wall "Put your fucking tounge on the floor Bitch and dont fucking move ,make sure your arse is up in the air for me."I repeated his instruction and assumed the position.He left the room and I was alone.Im not sure how much time passed. I was delusional with the pain and the predicament I was in,I instinctivly knew there was going to be no way out.
The door opened and another man walked in.
He took hold of my lead and roughly pulled me up.
"DO you have anything to ask me Slut?" I instanly recognised the voice as my "daymaster"
The night had passed and morning had commenced.Day two was about to begin.

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2do,,This One finds your writtins quite the reverse of extreme,, They catch a M/s relation 1st hand *SS


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