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"Yes Master"I replied, ensuring my eyes stayed low."Please Master I need to be disiplined for my terrible conduct yesterday, if you could take the time to teach me the consequences of my actions then I will remember not to disobey you in the future"
"you can start by cleaning my dick whore!"
I took my master fully into my mouth.
"you make sure I know how much your enjoying that you little slut!"
I moaned to show my pleasure in having his dick stuffed fully into my mouth.
"All the way to the balls and then some!"
I struggled to answer as he was already forcing himself deep into my throat.I moaned my pleasure.I pulled my mouth up his girth sucking and licking flicking at the tip as i drew out, moaning to show my pleasure. He grabbed my hair and rammed himself right into me and i choked.he pulled me out of him and slapped me hard across the face.his cock was replaced and he pumped hard again.Again i gagged ,another swift , hard ,slap i learnt quickly .when his dick was replaced and forced down my throat again I resisted the urge to gag and tried to open my throat,I quickly mastered this art and only gagged a few times for which I was duly slapped .On his coming, I duly cleaned my master off.He trew me to the floor and I remained there,I did not want to anger him.
" Thats better, I see you are learning quickly,that will be much better for you!"
He took hold of the leash and pulled sharply on it"heal!"he began to walk and I did my best to keep up with him on all fours.He took me to the room I had been in the previous night."Clean this shithole up! The materials are under the cuboard"He settled down to watch me.I bent forward to retrieve the tools.
"whenever you bend over in front of me ,pull your arse apart so I can have a look"
"yes master I shall pull my arse apart every time I bend down so you can have a look" I did as he had ordered."wriggle your fat arse"
I repeated and complied."ok , now clean"I cleaned the room .I was lead to the other room I had been in last night and cleaned that too.I was then led back to my cell.I was given a scrubbing brush and a bucket of water.
"on your hands and knees you dirty tramp,an clean this shit hole!.Make sure your arse is shaking while you scrub I want to see the effort going into your chores"I replied and got to cleaning .This was the only room I did not use cleaning products on and it was difficult to erase some of the marks, I scrubbed as hard as I could making sure my arse shook. Master came over to me and pushed his cock forcefully into my arse,the swelling and bruising making it hard for him.
"Push your arse onto my cock bitch!"
" yes Master I will push my arse onto your cock" It took a tremendous effort to force his cock up my anus and the pain was immense ,but any thing was better than another beating. He seemed to delight in giving me as much pain and discomfort as he could .He rammed as hard and as fast as he could.He stoped but remained inside me.
"Ride me you little sut! Do you expect me to do all the work? Youre the slave around here !make your arse hurt for me"
Iwanted to tell him it was already fucking hurting ,I wanted to scream and tell him to let me go!But I did not. Fear can have us do unimaginable things.
" yes Master "
I pushed my hips hard and fast and rode myself into him.I fought the pain and used my anger to fuel what I had to do
" If I didn't know better I'd say you were enjoying this slut"
"yes master I am enjoying it Master"
what else could I say .
"well fuck me harder if you like it so much!"
He met my thrusts and the force was intense, I didnt realise something could reach so far up your arse.He finally came and relaxed out of me.I turned and cleaned him,I knew the routine now.
"Finsh this room!"
"yes Master, I will finsish the room now"
WhenI had finished my Master led me to the toilet,
"Now clean here!"I did not have any cleaning tools or cloths but was afraid to ask .He must have seen it in my eyes , he smiled at me
"you have a tongue don't you?"
"yes Master,Thank you Master" I knelt on the floor and leant in to clean the toilet bowl with my tongue .He grabbed my hair and forced my face into the bowl
"Make sure you clean it all! I'm quite sure under the rim hasn't be done properly!"
obediently I made sure my tongue went all the way under the rim.I did not feel as disgusted as I felt I should and I put this down to all the other things I had been forced to do.When I had cleaned the toilet to his satisfaction I moved on to the sink and cleaned that too.I thought I was finished and was about to raise,my Master forced my head down to the ground and put his foot on the back of my neck
"I dont think you have cleaned the floor!"
Instantly I began to lick the floor .This was actually worse than the toilet as i kept licking up old bits of fluff which I had no choice but to swallow.It took me qiute a while to clean that small floor dispite being stroked and told to be quick.On completing the toilet I was lead outside.
"Stand up"
"yes Master I will stand up,thank you Master"
"Its time for excersise"
Snow had settled on the ground and the cold bit into my naked and now quite dirty skin.Master put an extention on the leash and led me around like a horse.
I began to run.
The whip caught my butt and I ran to move away from it but master ensured this was impossible and I recieved numorous lashes as I ran.I became very tired. Remember, I have had no sleep and have been subjected to horrendous abuse.My body was already passed breaking point.Dispite my fears and the urge to keep going ,my legs collapsed under me,my energy sapped,my need for sleep trying to dominate my being.But Master was having none of that.The whip cut deep across my thigh and the secound struck my breast. I writhed,naked in the snow,unable even to stifle the blows with my hand.I was dragged by my hair back into the house and left on the floor of a bathroom.I dont know how long I lay there ,to tired to care.I vaguely remember everyone who came in to use the toilet did so , all over me.I actually think I was grateful for the warmth. After a while Master came in and told me to stand up .I did not repeat his command but he let it go this time,I didnt even realise.
"Run me a bath bitch!"
I forced myself up
"yes master"
My whole body ached. I felt I had been a thousand rounds with Mike Tyson .I cleaned out the bath,slowly,and ran the water.My Master got into the bath and I did my best to wash him.I think I did ok as I was not beaten.Master got out and I dried him down.I clipped his nails .He wrapped a towel around his waist.
"now you get into the water"
this time I remembered to repeat and I did as I was told.I could not believe what happened next.My Master was washing me!Tenderly and gently he washed the dirt away.My hair was washed and my body cleaned.I was so taken aback with this that I began to cry,soft tears slowly ebbing down my cheeks.But I made no noise.I had been taught well over the last two days .Master must have become horney because his hands went to my pussy .He worked his fingers into my flesh but it was so gentle ,even though it was very painful,that I welcomed it.Two , three and four fingers were worked into my pussy .Probing and searching learning my zones.
"fuck my hand"
"yes Master"
and I did.He unwrapped his towel and knelt up to my mouth I contined fucking his hand while I took him into my mouth,deep, all the way to the balls ,just as he likes it.pushed hard with his hand and his cock and I reponded,fucking his hand and sucking his cock.When he came I sucked him clean.He continued fucking me with his hand
"fuck it hard bitch, I'm gonna make you come"
"yes master,I want you to make me come"
I was still in a great amount of pain but I did not want to spoil this almost tender moment with Master and I think I really wanted to come .And I did and it was wonderful, all over his hand.
"suck it clean good bitch!"
" yes Master I will suck my juices from your hand"
So I sucked his hand clean.
"Get out of the bath"
Still slowly and painfully I did as I was told repeating the order.
The leash went back on and I was led, still wet ,to a room with a bed, a couch and a t.v set he sat in the couch ."on the floor bitch!"
"yes Master"
I lay on the floor at his feet.He put his feet up on me and turned the tv on by remote.
"you have 3 hours!"
"Thank you Master"
I was overjoyed!
And I finally Slept!!

SirMounts 103M

4/27/2006 3:37 am

Well, the best stories really are the ones with happy endings. *winking*
A warm welcome to blogging, 2doasuplz. *smiling*

Chxmp 44M

4/29/2006 1:30 pm

Have you considered writing professionally?

master_davidlee 52M
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5/31/2006 5:30 am

hi there again nice story

if ever u wanna try putting these stories into reality give me a call im sometimes in the basement

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