Girls night out  

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1/6/2006 9:57 pm

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Girls night out

A few weeks ago, My wife went out on the town with a lady she met at a party at our home this summer. We moved here to Maryland about two years ago, but have not really had much of an oportunity to socialize outside the office and work environments. On this particular occaision, we let our hair down, with a luau and LOTS of drinks. We met Jenny through a mutual friend, and as my wife was inside mixing the next round, we stood on the deck and made small talk. I'm usually pretty reserved, but the alcohol had loosened me up quite a bit, and I was a little more forthcoming than I usually would have been. She seemed to make a point of saying how her husband travelled a lot out of the country, and how she was looking for people to have fun with while he was gone. I brushed off the suggestion as mere conversation until the other night, when my wife told me what happened. They both had a free night and left the men at home to go out and have a few drinks. very early into the evening, Jenny asked her if she wanted to go to a strip club "to see what the big deal is". My wife agreed, though they couldn't find one that looked decent enough locally to try it out. They decided to go to a bar just north of Baltimore instead. When they got there, they had a few drinks, and Jenny told my wife she wanted to dance. As most women will, My wife obliged, and went out on the dance floor. No sooner did they get out there than Jenny began bumping and grinding on her, her hands roaming all over her body to the delight of the audience, both male and female.

The night went on, and my wife decided to take a seat at the bar, while Jenny seemed to make physical contact with everyone in the room. After she got home and relayed the story to me, We began thinking that there may be more than innocent fun involved if we decide to head over for the dinner and drinks she has asked us over for repeatedly. I can tell you, we are both delighted with the prospect...

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