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An 88 year old millionaire narried a sweet 18 year old barrio lass. He was quite content, but after a few weeks she told him that she was going to leave him if she did'nt get some lovemaking soon.

He had his chaffeured limousine take hime to a high-prized specialist who studied him and then gave him a shot of spermatozoa.

"Now look," the doctor said, "the only way you're going to get it hard is to say BEEP' and then get it soft again, you say "BEEP, BEEP."

"How marvelous!" the old man said.

"Yes, but I must warn you," the doctor said. "It's only going to work three times and then you die."

On his way home, the old man decided he was'nt going to live through three of them anyway, so he decided to use one for a tryout.

"BEEP!" he said. His thing got hard immedietly. Satisfied , he said "BEEP, BEEP" and it got soft. He chuckled with delight and anticipation.

At that moment a yellow Volkswagen pulled past his limousine and went "BEEP," and the car opposite of the lane responded with a "BEEP,BEEP."

Alert to his jeopardy, the old man instructed his chaffeur to "speed it up." He raced into the house as fast as he could for his last great feat. "Honey," he shouted at her, "don't ask any questions. Just drop your clothes and hop into bed."

Catching his excitement, she did. Then he undressed nervously and hurried in after her. Just as he was climbing into the bed, he said "BEEP," and his thing leaped to erection.

He was just starting to put it in when his tender young wife suddenly asked, "What's all this BEEP, BEEP" nonsense?


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