Our first meeting....  

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7/24/2005 5:04 pm

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6/10/2007 7:09 pm

Our first meeting....

.. you nervously turn away. I massage your neck and shoulders, and you close your eyes and tip your head back. We're both trembling, anxious, yes, but why? The mood softens, the world slows down as you begin to relax. I feel your tension melt... I kiss you, and you turn towards me... your blouse melts away, your brassiere tumbles to the floor, I collapse to my knees, your pants and panties somehow sliding down to your ankles as my hands graze past your hips. My lips trail down your neck, past your shoulders, and kiss your left nipple...

I sweep you up in my arms and place you on the bed, continuing my downward journey... kisses caress your abdomen, sweep across your navel, cross your right hip and continue down the outside of your thigh. I kiss the inside of your right knee, and then turn to kiss the left, a little higher up. I turn again,.kissing the right, higher up again. Then the left, then the right, higher and higher, back and forth., over and over until ‒ there's nowhere left to turn, and my hot breath caresses your most sensitive area. The room is now filled with the sweet scent of your desire, and I dive in to my enjoy my feast..

I revel in the sound you make as you orgasm again and again, and you beg for me to give you more... I kiss my way back up, across your navel, pause playfully to suck on one nipple and then the other, higher and higher, up your neck and kiss you full on the lips, as you reach down to guide my shaft right to where you need to feel it.

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