unsatisfying sex  

rm_2000jeep2 80M
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4/23/2006 5:04 am
unsatisfying sex

I submit that we all need to examine ourselves from time to time to examine where we are and where we're
going. Are we truly seeking happiness or temporary
relief? If being happy with our lives and ourselves
is a worthwhile goal are we doing what makes sense to
achieve it?
If we engage in sex with a stranger and feel the need to deliver an Olympic performance because we chose someone based on a sexual urge instead of a pursuit of happiness we are defeating ourselves. If we are being sexually experimental and uninhibited to punish
a former partner who will never know about it, how does that make sense? It is my opinion that sex is
not fulfilling because there is a lack of emotional involvement. The answer isn't to try more and more
ways to have sex to seek fulfillment. The answer is
to realize it won't be fulfilling, ever, without th
emotional attachment that comes from being with someone you deeply care about and respect.
Sex with a stranger leaves you to wonder how you measure up, performance or size wise, with the person they had sex with last night and the night before. That leads to incredible pressure that you
probably don't want to repeat.
The answer for me is to not seek sex but to seek love, and to realize love is based on respect and
consideration for one another.
Love means you miss someone every minute you're apart. Lust means you can't wait to get done and get away. A relationship means that sometimes you do things to make your mate happy while receiving
nothing in return.
I have read many profiles that pretty much state that anything and any gender or numbers of people
is fine. That is a self defeating thing to do unless you only want to be a pleasure unit and
don't even like yourself let alone anyone else.
There can never be the respect. It leads me to wonder why the discrimination against farm animals

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