A Good Laugh at Breakfast  

rm_1sthgman 70M
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9/9/2006 8:34 am
A Good Laugh at Breakfast

It's Saturday morning and I've done the dump run, Post Office and brought all my returnables over to my daughters trailer.
Now the tummy is growling for food.
Off to Keazer Falls for breakfast.
I get inside the diner and they are having a steak & egg special.
The waitress comes over, gives me coffee and asks if I need a menu - to which I reply: "I'll have the special"
She asks: "How do you want your steak?"
Me: "Just slap her on the ass and send her out here."
Waitress: starts laughing and chuckling, I grin, she laughs even harder and turning red
Course now I'm grinning from ear to ear.
She walks off, but returns in seconds and says: "You want your steak rare, medium, or well done?" chuckling. She's turning red again.
I say: "Rare, and YOU blush easy."
She replies: "I guess, I have that little girl inside me still." She starts to walk off again but spins around and says: "How do you want your eggs & toast?" chuckling and smiling.
Now I'm staring her straight in the eyes and not saying anything but grinning.
She says: "Cut it out." laughing and turning redder, pointing the end of her pen at me.
I reply: " Over easy, --, on the eggs; and give the wheat toast, -- a good tanning."
She gives a hearty muffled chuckle/laugh and spins to place the order.
A little later I'm about half done my coffee and she comes back with the coffee pot, grabs my cup and starts to refill it but she almost misses the cup because she looking into my eyes.
The coffee is missing the cup, almost, and dripping down the side.
I start laughing and say: "Your dripping."
She turns bright red immediately, and says "Will you,, Cut, It, Out." But she's grinning from ear to ear.
After that it was eye contact and grins, with a wink or two, and she would have to look away because she was trying not to laugh or turn red.
Best breakfast I've had in a long time.

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