1sthgman - Scottish Chambermaid - Part 2  

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1sthgman - Scottish Chambermaid - Part 2

We untangle and Agnes heads for the privy.
Me, well I just zip up and light up.
While I'm waiting I think about refilling my drink but I can wait to see what Agnes is going to do.
She comes out and I move towards her. As we meet I give her a gentle hug and kiss staring straight into her eyes. Then I ask her if she wants her drink freshened up. Agnes replies: yes please. I light another cigarette and hand it to Agnes as she sets on the bed. I freshen both drinks and we converse in a light manner, about nothing in general. Giving her, her drink, I sit down beside her in the same manner as before.
My hand is behind her and I lift it to rub her back. She arches her back and moves as if she wants my hand to rub in a specific spot. Curling my fingers. I begin to scratch and she moves her back into position for the right spot. As I scratch just below the right shoulder blade she arches her back, her breast strain at the white blouse to pop free, the buttons are almost to the point of tearing loose.
I feel myself stirring with desire. Hell, it's been a long time, so I have plenty saved up.
I tease her about her straining the buttons on her blouse and she turns, our eyes meet, she gives me a quick kiss and giggles.
She asks if she can have another shot of the Blackberry Brandy. I say: Help yourself.
Agnes gives me a show as she bends over to retrieve the fallen shot glass then walks over to the table wiggling her butt.
I say: Tease.
Agnes looks over her shoulder, gives me a wink and wiggles her butt.
I laugh and so does she.
What a wench.
Agnes takes two sips and finishes the shot, which, I don't think the glass could have held another drop. Then she turns and walks back directly to me, straddling my legs she leans over giving me a long probing kiss. I can taste the brandy.
I turn, forcing her to side step and sit on the bed. My arousal is complete. Moving off the bed I kneel in front of her. Lifting her left foot first I slowly take off her shoe and sock. My hand is moving from the back of the knee to the heel. I feel her move in ticklish delight. Moving to the right foot I repeat the process. As I stand I lean in to her a kiss her, only it's my tongue doing the probing now.
Agnes's arms come up to wrap around my neck, she's pulling me. But, I turn the tables on her and gently coax her to a standing position.
I break the kiss and gaze into her eyes as my hands start to unbutton the blouse. I'm taking my time, there is no hurry.
With the blouse undone I lift it free of her skirt. My hands move around behind her to unfasten the bra. With this we kiss again. As we kiss I can hear her deep intakes of air through her nose. The breasts don’t even move, as they are unharnessed.
My hands next drop down to the band of her skirt. There are two buttons on the waistband, which when undone the skirt should fall to the floor.
Agnes's hands are now busy fumbling with my buttons on my shirt, then to my belt, the waist band clip and zipper.
I get the last button on her skirt, the skirt falls to the floor.
My pants are starting to fall down around my ankles. Agnes pushes my shirt off my shoulders as my hands come up to do the same to her. Her shirt and bra fall, shirt to the back and bra to the front.
God, her breasts are perfect. The rosy nipples are staining to the heavens.
I slowly drop down, my hands finding the waistband of the panties. Sliding them down, I'm on my knees staring at a dark brown bush. The womanly odors of sweat, pee and cum waft through my senses. Damned I'm hard as a rock, pulsing with desire.
I stand to kiss her and her me. Our hands are everywhere. Agnes is trying to shove down my underwear and lift off my tee shirt at the same time. I'm kicking off my shoes and getting the pants off my ankles.
Agnes is dropping down to sit on the bed. She grabs my underwear forcefully and pulls them down. I yank my tee shirt off over my head.
As my head clears the tee shirt I feel my other head being engulfed by her mouth.
Shit - oh shit, I say to myself, as I stop her. One stroke and I'd have been blasting her tonsils for sure.
I gently push her back on the bed and she looks at me confused. I smile at her and say: You don't want to spoil a good thing. She smiles and giggles and tries to get back up. I hold her down but she continues to try to get up. She is an imp.
I reach down cupping her womanhood, sliding my middle finger over the clitoris and deep inside her. The struggle is over as her eyes widen to gaze into mine. I move my hand almost out and again slide it to as deep as I can.
Agnes's hips trust up to meet my push. She reaches for me, pulling me to her for a hard sucking, probing kiss. I lay down on her left side, beside her. I remove my hand from inside her and hear her whimper softly inside my mouth. I gently rub her own juices over her left breast and nipple. She pushes her breast towards me. I grip harder, squeezing the nipple between my knuckles. Her whimpers echo down my throat as she strains towards me. Her arms and hands grip me with power I have never felt before.
My hand moves again to her womanhood. Again my finger slides roughly across her clitoris and deep inside her. Her hand comes down to cover mine trying to push it deeper yet. Her hips trust up and her knees lock together, my hand is trapped, as she explodes in orgasm ecstasy. She breaks the kiss and gulps for air as she moans loudly towards the ceiling.
As Agnes relaxes she edges away from me, pulling my hand free. She moves to the very edge of the bed and pulls me to her. Now I'm in the middle of the bed on my back.
Agnes's smile is very mischievous as she comes up to straddle me. She inches forward on her knees, coming down to kiss me, gently probing with her tongue lightly in my mouth. I feel her hand grabbing my manhood. She positions herself and me. Very slowly she brings herself down onto me. She breaks the kiss and sits up straight, pushing all her weight down onto my manhood.
I hear her hum softly.
My hands come up to grip both of her firm breasts.
As Agnes raises her weight up from my shaft I release the grip on her breast but my hands remain in place.
She slowly pushes back down onto my shaft and my grip grows firmer as she glides down my shaft.
Guess who's making the noises now. The vocals are coming out of my throat and I couldn't stop them if I wanted. When I thought I was going to blow my load she would stop. This was repeated a few times until, at one moment, she was at the very top of my shaft, any more and would have been completely out, she slammed herself down with all her weight. Then again and again.
Well, my load blew on the first slam and only kept pumping with each of her forceful trust. I felt her tighten up and hesitate on the third trust. The trust became slower and lighter until they stopped. We kissed and hugged for a few minutes then untangled.
Agnes got up nude and went to the privy. I lit a cigarette and inhaled half of it on the first draw. I lit Agnes a cigarette when she came back.
My turn in the privy.
When I came back she was under the covers.
I slipped in beside her. We finished our cigarettes making small joking remarks.
After putting the cigarettes out, I rolled into her. She grabbed my hand putting her back to me and placed my hand over her breast and gently squeezed my hand onto her breast.
Agnes wiggled her butt against my manhood, I felt it twitch.
I whispered to her: Don't start something you can't finish.
Agnes squeezed my hand into her breast with force and wiggled her butt.
We both laughed and fell asleep.

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