So I lied  

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8/3/2006 1:03 am

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So I lied

I'm male and I'm the king justifier. Trust me when I tell you this totally won't be worth it. Just move on, folks. If you insist on staying, you do so at your own risk. this is not time you'll get back and those brain cells - gone forever:

All of you will be so disappointed in me ‒ and by all of you, I mean the one of you, and by one of you, I mean me. So I swore off drunken blogging and yet here I sit at nearly one in the manana bloated on carne asada burrito from the fave taco truck and clicking away.

What’s so interesting about this eve worthy of blogophere? Well it all started with an ill-fated attempt to check out Little Temple Lounge. No reason for the adventure other than it’s painted in the flattest flat black ever imagined by the wizards at pantone and is the bastard child to Temple and let’s face it, when bastard children are involved I just can’t stay away.

So I picked up young G and her BF and buddy J. A quick jaunt and we found, what I’ll refer to as North Hollywood parking ‒ it’s an easy walk but miles away in movie-parking-land. Turns out it’s a private party. Strike one. Fine, it’s off to Le Bar (or whatever It’s called now), which must, must be a lesbian bar. If it’s not a lesbian bar, it’s the gateway to heaven. There were way too many hot, not women sitting together and as the night wore on, the ration of hot women to men grew exponentially. Don’t get me wrong there were the usual band of hipster guys, tattooed and greasily quaffed that must have either found themselves in a state of disillusionment or were really that over confident.

I made plans with M to re-visit tomorrow as she has impeccable taste. I’m in it to play wingman and watch M in action. Should prove to be most interesting and I’ll let you know what happens. All one of you. I mean me. I’ll tell me what happens.


8/3/2006 5:40 am

Now that is an L.A. night. Hope you are feeling beautiful and well rested.

rm_1spiderskiss replies on 8/4/2006 1:14 am:
Every now and then the city doesn’t bug the pants off me. “Well rested and beautiful” would be optimistic but the past few nights have reminded me that I may not be completely at odd with this town. And as always, thanks for the visit.

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